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Sojern is a provider of a data-driven traveler marketing that utilizes programmatic buying and machine learning technology. Sojern partners with travel companies including airlines, OTAs, hotels, and rental car companies to collect anonymized (non-personally identifiable) traveler profiles based on consumers search and booking behaviors on these sites. The company utilizes this data to target travelers and deliver advertising across a number of media channels. Sojern is currently headquartered in San Francisco, CA with key offices in New York, Omaha, Dubai, Singapore, and London. Originally based in Omaha, Nebraska, Sojern was founded in 2007 by Gordon Whitten. In April 2011, Yahoo! veteran Mark Rabe succeeded Whitten as CEO, though Whitten has stayed on as a member of the board of directors. Sojern began in the boarding pass advertising space; it was the first company in the U.S. with exclusive patents for Printed and Online Boarding Pass customization technology. In 2008, the company’s airline partners, including Delta Air Lines and Continental Airlines, began utilizing Sojern’s technology to offer targeted ads on boarding passes. Sojern released a new media platform, the Sojern Traveler Platform (STP), in 2011 that focused on improving its technologys targeting capabilities.


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