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Sid Lee is an international creative services firm founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It operates offices in Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle and Paris. The agency offers services in the fields of branding, digital and social marketing, advertising, analytics, architecture and retail design, branded content and entertainment.

· In 1993, Philippe Meunier and Jean-François Bouchard founded the advertising agency Diesel in Montreal.

· Diesel quickly made a name for itself with innovative campaigns: a radio-only campaign for Sleeman Breweries and the creation of a fleet of graffiti-covered car wrecks for Pizzédélic pizza chain.

· With the rise of the Internet in the mid-‘90s, Diesel quickly went digital. The agency was one of the first in Quebec to build a commercial website.

· After having been one of Diesel’s clients, Bertrand Cesvet joined the company in 1997. With the turn of the century approaching and a digital revolution about to transform the industry, Diesel merged with Stratège Media in 1999 and added Martin Gauthier and Daniel Fortier to their management team.

· This is also when Diesel began to develop a business relationship with Cirque du Soleil, an organization that would go on to establish itself as an innovative creator in its industry.


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