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ShopKeep is a cloud-based iPad point of sale (POS) system headquartered in New York, NY. Founded in 2008, its POS system is used by more than 23,000 small businesses in the United States and Canada, most of which are retail shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. The system allows merchants to ring up sales, print or email receipts, pop a cash drawer, accept credit cards and print remotely to the kitchen right from the iPad. The web-based BackOffice allows inventory, employee, and customer management, and analytics and reporting. The smartphone dashboard app allows merchants to view real-time store sales remotely. ShopKeep was co-founded by Jason Richelson, co-founder of several retail stores in Brooklyn and New York City, and David Olk, former Director of M&A at IAC. When Jason’s point of sale system in his stores broke down, he decided that there had to be a simpler, smarter solution for small businesses. He developed ShopKeep POS as a cloud-based point of sale system to allow a merchants to access data even when they are not in the store. He also developed it from the eyes of a retailer and used his expertise[citation needed] to create a user interface that is intuitive to the merchants and the cashiers that stand behind the counter. Jason hired Bill Walton as the original system architect and engineer to build the ShopKeep Platform in October 2008. In August 2011, the first iPad version of ShopKeep was released in the App Store. As of July 2015, ShopKeep has raised over $97 million in funding.