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Sandvik Careers, Jobs, and Salary Information

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Sandvik Careers

Joining Sandvik presents an unparalleled opportunity to advance a career with one of the world's leaders in engineering and technology innovation. Sandvik is renowned for its commitment to leadership in technology and its dedication to a culture of diversity and growth.

Explore Job Opportunities

Sandvik offers a variety of job opportunities that cater to professionals seeking to leverage their skills in a dynamic and supportive environment. Positions range from engineering to marketing, each requiring a unique blend of skills and offering the chance to work with cutting-edge technology.

Internship Programs

Sandvik's internship programs provide invaluable hands-on experience, allowing interns to apply academic knowledge to real-world projects. This platform not only enhances a resume but also builds a professional network that can open doors to future employment opportunities.

Professional Growth and Development

At Sandik, the growth of its team members is a priority. The company supports professional development through comprehensive training programs, including leadership development and diversity training. These initiatives ensure that every team member has the tools and knowledge necessary for professional advancement.

Benefits and Culture

The benefits at Sandvik go beyond the standard employment package. Employees enjoy a range of perks that support both their professional and personal lives. Sandvik's culture is built on a foundation of respect and inclusion, where innovation thrives and every team member’s contribution is valued.

Hiring Process

The hiring process at Sandvik is designed to be transparent and efficient. It begins with a review of the applicant's resume, followed by an interview process that assesses skills and cultural fit. Sandvik is committed to fair hiring practices that focus on diversity and equal opportunity.

Networking and Career Advancement

Sandvik encourages its employees to engage in networking within the industry. This engagement is supported through various platforms and events that foster connections and collaborative opportunities. Career advancement at Sandvik is based on merit and innovation, ensuring that every employee has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Join the Sandvik Team

Explore the current open positions at Sandik and find the one that matches your skills and interests. Sandvik is looking for passionate, curious, and innovative team players who are ready to make a significant impact.

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Keep up to date with career tips, industry insights, and the latest innovations by following Sandvik's career blog. Subscribe to job alert emails personalized to your career preferences and be the first to know about new and exciting opportunities.



Sandvik is not just a company; it's a place where careers are nurtured, innovation is encouraged, and diversity is celebrated. Join Sandvik to be part of a team that is shaping the future of technology.

What are the highest paying jobs at Sandvik?

Highest paying job titles at Sandvik include Sales Manager, Branch Manager, and Sales Engineer

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Sandvik Compensation

Sales Manager



Average Compensation:$130,056

Branch Manager



Average Compensation:$101,014

Sales Engineer



Average Compensation:$87,879

Construction Superintendent



Average Compensation:$132,436

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