Aug 1, 4:01 PM

Today is World Lung Cancer Day! We are committed to improving patients lives, and destigmatising lung cancer as self-caused smoking is a big risk factor, but it isnt the only cause.

Jul 21, 7:00 AM

What do you tell your family & friends about your work? How do you explain it to them?

Jul 24, 6:00 AM

W ramach wolontariatu zwizanego z inicjatyw ITforSHE nasi pracownicy pomogli studentkom opanowa podstawy nauki programowania dla dzieci. Efekt? Dziewczyny pojad do szk podstawowych w maych miejscowociach, gdzie przez tydzie bd uczy kodowania modych programistw!

Jul 9, 7:00 AM

Phillip: "I now have a greater pride in being a Roche employee, know that our company plays a part in reducing patient suffering."