Sep 2, 2:00 AM

Partnered with @Piazza for a Summer Tech Tour hosting computer science students from top ranking universities at Roche Sequencing Santa Clara! We had a lively info session featuring our engineer colleagues and executives discussing what Roche is doing to revolutionize healthcare.

Sep 1, 7:00 AM

How do you thank somebody besides saying "thank you"?

Aug 31, 2:13 PM

We are excited to be presenting new data from a number of studies across 18 Roche medicines during the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress in September. These include updates from our cancer immunotherapy development programme and important new insights into the biology of cancer that will help further our understanding of this highly complex disease.

Aug 31, 7:00 AM

Are you a startup with a great idea for future healthcare? The countdown is on: Apply until 1 September for the Start-up Award for FXH 2017 at!