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QuikTrip (abbreviated QT) is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based chain of convenience stores which primarily operates in the Midwestern, Southern and Southeastern United States. The first QuikTrip was opened in 1958 in Tulsa by Burt Holmes and Chester Cadieux. The company expanded outside of Oklahoma in 1968, and began selling gasoline in 1971. Chesters son, Chet, Jr., is the current CEO. Since 1991, QuikTrip has promoted its gasoline as "high-quality" with an unconditional guarantee. In 2005 QuikTrip and Chevron were the first two retailers to earn a "Top Tier" rating from General Motors, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, and Toyota. (The "Top Tier" rating exceeds the United States Environmental Protection Agencys standards for gasoline additives.)

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IT Security Engineer


Salary Range$125K - $125K




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