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Procopio (c. 1841- ?), also known as Red-Handed Dick and Red Dick was one of the best-known bandits in California history. His nickname was reportedly given due either to his red hair, or his violent nature and bloodthirstiness. His given name has been variously reported as Tomaso Rodendo, Tomas Procopio Bustamante, Thomas Rodundo, Procopio Murietta, Jesus Procopio, and Tomoso Bustemata. In 1872, the San Francisco Chronicle called him "one of the most fearless and daring desperadoes that has ever figured in the criminal annals of our state." He was twice convicted of cattle theft and twice served time in San Quentin prison, but was never convicted of any of the murders he was alleged to have committed. Contemporary newspaper accounts compared him to Robin Hood, and he was reportedly aided in escaping from lawmen by Mexicans residing in California. Procopio was born in Mexico, either in Sonora, or near Jose de Guadalupe. His parents were of mixed Spanish origin, and were reportedly "of roving habits." His father was a vaquero (cowboy), and Procopio was taught the same business at an early age. His mother was the older sister of the most notorious bandit in California history, Joaquin Murrieta. According to some accounts, Procopios father was killed by Indians in 1852, and Joaquin Murrieta brought Procopio and his mother to California. Another account indicates that Procopio moved with both parents to Los Angeles County in early 1853. Joaquin Murrieta died in approximately 1853, when Procopio was approximately 12 years old. Joaquin was killed by a group of rangers who placed his head in a brandy jar and displayed it at locations around California for spectators to view for a $1 fee. Joaquin Murrieta became a legendary figure, and in 1854 a fictionalized book was published on his life. The book claimed that Murrieta had been driven to a life of crime after his wife was raped and killed by Yanquis, his brother was hanged, and he was horsewhipped for a crime he did not commit. This account inspired corridos depicting Murrieta as a fierce avenger of injustices against Mexicans. It was said that the young Procopio witnessed his uncles death and became so obsessed with his uncle that he took to using his name. As a youth, Procopio reportedly gained a reputation as "a fearless rider and a reckless youth."

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