MidWest One Financial Group, Inc
MidWest One Financial Group, Inc

MidWest One Financial Group, Inc

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MidWestOne Financial Group is a bank holding company headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa. The bank operates 57 branches. It is the 3rd largest bank headquartered in Iowa. It operates in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Florida.

The bank was formed in 1934 as the Iowa State Bank & Trust Company in Iowa City, Iowa by Ben S. Summerwill.

In 1984, ISB Financial Corp. was established as a closely held bank holding company for Iowa State Bank & Trust Company.

In March 2008, ISB Financial Corp. merged with MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc. and took MidWestOne as the name of the company.

In April 2011, then-chairman W. Richard Summerwill retired.

In May 2015, the bank acquired Central Bancshares of Golden Valley, Minnesota for $134 million in cash and stock.

In 2017, the bank opened its first branch in Denver, Colorado.

In November 2017, Katie A. Lorenson, the chief financial officer of the company, resigned.

In June 2018, Barry S. Ray was hired as the Chief Financial Officer.

What are the highest paying jobs at MidWest One Financial Group, Inc?

Highest paying job titles at MidWest One Financial Group, Inc include Vice President, Commercial Banking, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


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MidWest One Financial Group, Inc Compensation

Vice President, Commercial Banking



Average Compensation:$157,143

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)



Average Compensation:$125,000

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)



Average Compensation:$90,000

Portfolio Manager



Average Compensation:$103,571

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