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HMS Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ:HMSY) was set up in 1974 and now is based in Irving, Texas. The company markets on cost containment services to healthcare payers and sponsors, including co-ordination of benefits services and program integrity services. Both services aim at making the healthcare claims paid correctly. Customers of the company involve both government and individuals, like state Medicaid agencies (served for 47states in 2012), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), the Veterans Health Administration ((VHA)). In December 2012, the Company acquired MRM. The company’s co-ordination of benefits services provide validated insurance, finding liable third parties, and program integrity services identify improper payments and overpayments (also could recover it), and reduce fraud and waste. In addition, the company also support Medicaid managed care and Medicare Advantage. In December 2012, HMS Holdings acquired the assets and liabilities of MedRecovery Management, LLC (MRM), for about $11.8 million, with $10.8 million initial cash payment and $1.0 million in future contingent payments.

Highest paying job titles at HMS Holdings include Programmer Analyst, Program Director, and Product Owner


Market Cap$2.4 billion
Revenue$573.2 million
5 Year Trend+7.9%
Net Income$63.6 million
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Programmer Analyst



Average Salary:$112,500

Program Director



Average Salary:$180,556

Product Owner



Average Salary:$119,167

Big Data Engineer



Average Salary:$104,000

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