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CARTO is a brand-name medical system used in cardiac electrophysiology. It is produced by Biosense-Webster, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Their main product is the CARTO 3 EP navigation system, which is designed to visualise the real-time calculated position and orientation of a specialised RF ablation catheter within the patient’s heart. The goal of this technology is to minimise radiation exposure during fluoroscopy, increase the accuracy of targeted RF ablation and reacquisition of pacing sites for re-ablation. The CARTO navigation system calculates the position and orientation of the catheter tip, using three known magnetic sources as references. The CARTO system uses static magnetic fields that are calibrated and computer controlled. Due to the nature of magnetic fields, the orientation may also be calculated while the tip is stationary. By calculating the strength and orientation of the magnetic fields at a given location, the x,y,z position may be calculated along with the roll, pitch, yaw orientation.

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