This super odd fashion trend will be everywhere this fall

Bad news if you are a bag lady. When it comes to the fashion of handbags, a less is more aesthetic seems to be the way thing are going. In the spring, we saw micropurses swiftly move off the runway and on to the streets. Led by the four by two-inch Le Chiquito of French label Jacquemus it seemed ridiculous at the time.

What can one even carry in a bag that small? A quarter (and no one carries cash anymore, much less change)? A Lifesaver candy? A piece of gum? And only the latter two are practical. But these petite bags have hit the mainstream at fast-fashion chains like Zara and Urban Outfitters so you know they will be everywhere this fall.

However another (somewhat ridiculous) fashion trend will make you want to get one of those small bags instead of your large work tote that holds your lunch, your workout clothes and sneakers, the book your reading, your portable charger, CVS receipts from the last three years (which is more paper than the book) and your knitting needles and yarn because you swear this is the year you are going to get good at it, is going to be big this fall. Hope you have a strong neck because that is where you will be keeping your bag this fall.

According to “Who What Wear,” the “necklace bag” trend is officially happening. Now it is being done with the tiny micropurses so you won’t be weighing down your neck. However, the majority of the trendsetters sporting the look are doing it with these tiny micropurses, which literally can only hold one, or maybe two, crystals. However, some ladies, who have been doing more Barry’s probably, are opting for bags that are more the size of a camera pack. And if you tend to lose things (like your passport or work ID), having it around your neck may be the way to go.

We were all so pleased when the crossbody strap became popular for bags as it took the weight off of our dominant shoulder and kept our hands free, which was great. This is just a variation of that but without the support of your strong back and shoulder muscles.

So, you probably don’t want this to be the way you carry an entire workday of stuff around, but if you are looking for a unique necklace for your coffee run (with exact change and folded up dollar bills) then this is the trend for you.