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Morning Routine

Brooklyn Decker’s app completely simplified her morning routine

Did you know that most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe?

How To

Getting unstuck: The myth of work-life balance

The key to getting unstuck is self-care, even when that feels like your lowest priority and the last thing you have time for.

Job search

How to turn negative qualities into positives during an interview

With the right response, you can reframe negative qualities into positives and show that you’re willing to improve yourself in order to succeed.

How To

‘Just do it!’ Finding motivation at your lowest point

Whether it’s achieving a target at work, losing a certain amount of weight, or saving money for your dream purchase; finding motivation can be incredibly difficult at the most important times. Although many challenges come with a physical battle, conquering a lack of motivation and overcoming personal hurdles undoubtedly begins within our own minds.


The rules of effectiveness

In reality, it takes more than just reading and knowing to become effective. Effectiveness is about control over your time and your impact.

Work-Life Balance

The people with the most free time live in these states

Feel like you have no free time? Perhaps you are living in the wrong state. Coleman Furniture conducted a survey of all 50 states to see which workers have the most free time and they came out with some rather interesting findings. 

Office Life

Google is making it easier to reschedule your meetings

If you're planning meetings, you have likely been caught in the endless cycle of 'availability when?' emails. But now, Google is introducing a better way.

Office Life

Survey: Workers reveal their biggest complaints about meetings

66% of office workers say a meeting that "starts or ends late" is their biggest complaint about meetings and 25% feel their "time in meetings is wasted."


4 strategies to help make the most of your time

The truth is, time wasted is time you can never get back. But making the most of your time can be challenging. Here are four strategies that will help.


6 enticing and scientifically-backed memory recall tactics you haven’t tried

While you may see a few improvements in your memory, most of what you’ve tried didn’t stick in the long run. Here are six ways you haven’t tried yet.


The 8 most effective ways to get back on track after you messed up (and finally stay there)

You’re stuck in a downward spiral of negativity because it seems like all the progress you’ve made may be ruined. If you can relate to this scenario, you know how tough it can be to get back on track after you messed up. But, it’s possible.


Here’s how you can make better use of your time

There are only two ways to make better use of time: Create and follow a plan of action and increase energy levels. Here are 7 tips for accomplishing both.

Office Life

3 ways to get out of a productivity rut at work

Every day won't be a slam dunk when it comes to productivity. Here's what to do when you feel like you're drowning in work.

Office Life

Study: Meetings with agendas are less wanted, but they work

Meetings can be time-sucking vortexes that steal our attention and energy. But here's some bad news for those of us who hate meetings — meetings work.

The Whole Human

Everything you need to know to have perfect timing

Author Daniel Pink talks about the importance of timing both for doing things within a day and across the timing of your life.


These are the countries with the best work-life balance

All eyes are on the world's best soccer teams right now, but what about which countries have the best work life balance for their employees? OK, so it isn't quite as exciting but if you have no work life balance then you have no time to watch soccer so there you go.


From boring to beneficial: How to handle a slow day at work

A boring work day doesn't mean you can't get anything productive done, so I’ve laid out a few tips and tricks to help you successfully cross the finish line of a slow day.

A look at the daily routine of Benjamin Franklin, who didn’t always follow his own ‘early to bed, early to rise’ advice

The Founding Father got a lot done, so it's no surprise that he earned the unofficial moniker of "First American." And it's definitely not a shock that he was pretty intentional about his time, according to his autobiography.

Work-Life Balance

Survey: Here’s what people would give up to get ahead in their careers

New research from shows that today's American workers know what's important to them when it comes to both work and home life.


To get real stuff done, focus on the 20% of your work that leads to 80% of your results

To get better results, do less but do it better. You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.

Levelling Up

The 3 things the world’s most successful people do every day

Everyone’s path to being successful is different, and in reality, there are hundreds of things that each individual follows to get from point A to point B.

Office Culture

8 killer ground rules for meetings that make people compete to be there

We’ve all been in meetings where we check our watches. Our time is valuable. A well-run meeting makes people feel they are a part of progress – not process.

The Whole Human

This is the life you are missing (here and now)

Life is continually evolving. We spend most of our time transitioning — rather than wasting those moments, embrace their uniqueness.

Morning Routine

Time management expert says this is the only reason to have a morning routine

If you truly want to have a morning routine that really accomplishes something Laura Vanderkam, time management expert and author of "Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done" says this is the secret.


6 reasons that continuing education is a no-brainer

As soon as you graduate from high school or Uni, you undoubtedly feel accomplished. But you might also feel as though you’re finished with the educational system in general — you’ve got your diploma, and you’re ready to get to work. Here are six reasons you should keep going to class.