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Finding your voice in a competitive team

So what does it take to speak up and have a voice when you work in a highly competitive team? Here are three suggestions for thriving.

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There’s a reason your narcissistic coworkers might be getting promotions instead of you

Narcissistic people often believe that they can accomplish anything. Here's how to implement the good parts of narcissism.

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Overcome the performance bias if you want to improve your team

Everyone loves high performers and categorizing people by performance has its benefits. However, the performance bias can create more harm than good.


3 things to do when someone breaks your trust at work

It's a classic situation: Everything's going well for you and your team at work until someone breaks your trust, jeopardizing everything you've worked for.


Suspect your new hire won’t make it? 4 mistakes to avoid

Leaders fall into some common “traps” when confronted with the new hire who is stumbling. Here are 4 of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


How to give a pep talk that actually works

To get us to actually believe in the encouragement we are hearing, vague compliments and stern motivations in a pep talk are not enough.


5 reasons why bold leaders are remarkably successful

There are two reasons people separate themselves from the crowd: They are either bold leaders or timid followers. The rest of the herd sticks together.


We work harder when our boss makes more than we thought

Employees who learned that their bosses’ salaries were higher than they expected work harder and even boosted their productivity by 10%.

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Want to lead? Here are 8 things you don’t get to do

If you want to influence our behaviors and lead us to achievement, here are 8 things you don’t get to do.

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Leaders: Stop speaking with the royal ‘you’

My "royal you" assessment: When we are asked to talk about ourselves, we feel funny using “I” because it feels like bragging or speaking out of turn.


The dark side of collaboration and how to fight back

Multiple minds rarely think alike, yet joint decisions must be forged. This, of course, is both the curse and the magic of collaboration.


Rhythms and red flags: How two restauranteurs prevent friction and frustration for employees

They show why many small problems are essential to prevent early — especially those that are linked to other essential and interconnected tasks.


Why managers should treat non-parents and parents the same

To truly create an empathetic and supportive team, managers must find ways that support the entire team regardless of their parent status.


How to interrupt a coworker the polite way

Try these out next time you get Kanye'd and need to interrupt. You will be using your voice to make an impact, and also show that you won’t be silenced.

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4 ways leaders can foster a growth mindset within their team

As leaders, developing a culture of learning and innovation may be the key factor that allows your organization to outdistance the competition.


The body language of collaborative leaders

We are especially vulnerable in our desire to be included. This is why collaborative leaders need to be aware of their body language.

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How to make your mark when you enter a team

When you’re the new person on a team, it pays to have a strategy for how you’ll both assimilate and add value. Consider these strategies.


What motivates Jane? (a.k.a. The Telepathy Game)

Proactively discover what each team member really cares about, what motivates them, and work to address it. Before it’s too late.

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7 ways managers motivate and demotivate employees

70% of an employee’s motivation is influenced by his or her manager. It’s no wonder employees don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.

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Study: Coworkers who give you advice are doing it to gain power

When coworkers sidle up to you, dispensing advice, recognize that they may not be doing it out of the goodness of their heart.


The one thing you didn’t know about your to-do list

Have you ever noticed that some tasks on your to-do list get crossed off right away while other tasks tend to stay on the list no matter how hard you try?

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At the intersection of food, influence, and leadership

For many of us, it was a rude awakening to become the leader and we learned that true “power” and influence doesn’t come on a silver platter.


Why every manager needs to hear criticism and bad news

To maximize leadership success you MUST know not just the good – but also the bad and the ugly. Let others share their frustration or criticism.

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4 things to do when you want to leave one team for another at work

Attempting to switch teams at the company you work for can be a slippery slope — here's how to make the whole process a little more painless for you.


The power of self-awareness: How to build successful teams

Let me show you why self-awareness dramatically affects how your team collaborates, communicates, and performs. And how to benefit from it.