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Nike gets accused of ‘hostile’ culture to women in new suit

Four ex-Nike employees said they endured a "hostile" work culture and were paid less than their male peers, according to a new lawsuit.

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#MeToo movement finds an unlikely champion in Wall Street with the new ‘Weinstein clause’

If you were worried that the #MeToo movement might fade away, fear not. It has been carved into one of the most immovable objects in human history.


Survey: 17% of companies report increase in behavior complaints since #MeToo

New data shows that "complaints about inappropriate behavior" have gone up in 16.67%  of companies since #MeToo and #TimesUp.


Survey: This is the most annoying thing coworkers do at work — and it’s probably happened to you

While we know that nearly 100% of women really don’t like it when others talk about intimacy at work, the same research from Paychex also reveals the most annoying work habit of all: when colleagues often gossip in the same setting.

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Almost 100% of women say this is the most uncomfortable work situation

Recent research from Paychex revealed that when it comes to uncomfortable work situations, it is a little different for men versus women. The survey, which collected self-reported responses from 1,0005 Americans in 2017 ages 18 to 76, found that 63.4% of male employees don’t mind workplace "flirting," compared to 48.8% of female employees. 


Research: Women who downplay gender get ahead at work

What does it mean to lead authentically when you are a woman in power? Do you play up the fact that you are a woman or do you hide it? New research advises women to leave gender out of it, finding it to be a limiting construct.


Time’s Up explains what workplace harassment is in new PSA

A new workplace harassment video wants to help employees understand how they can respectfully engage with one another in an office and outside of it.


It only takes one sexual harassment claim to ruin your company’s reputation

When we hear about a single sexual harassment case at a company, it's enough to tank our perception about the company as a whole, according to new UCLA research highlighted in Harvard Business Review.


Only 1 in 4 women who have been sexually harassed tell their employers. Here’s why they’re afraid

Based on experience litigating sexual harassment cases as well as my research, I have determined there are three legal barriers that stand in the way of workers filing complaints – a critical step to rooting out harassment and protecting employees.

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Supreme Court ruling against class action lawsuits is a blow for workers – and #MeToo

As a law professor, I believe this ruling essentially allows employers to hide workplace injustices while also potentially making it harder for workers – including victims of sexual harassment – to find justice.


Cosmo’s former top editor: ‘Being gutsy almost always wins the day’

Kate White sat down with Ladders to discuss her long career and what she wants young women working today to know.

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My job was the most toxic relationship I had

I felt stuck — I needed the financial support yet was worried what it was doing to my normally very solid self-esteem.


Study reveals the state of the workplace in the #MeToo era

Overall, 59% of women and 27% of men report getting "unwanted sexual advances or verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature."


New bill seeks to force employers to publicly report sexual harassment settlements

The Sunlight in Workplace Harassment Act seeks to force companies to report the "total number" and the "total dollar amount" of settlements they make related to sexual harassment.

These are the most ‘inappropriate’ things people say they’ve seen or done at work

A recent NPR/Ipsos poll reveals the “inappropriate” things that people say they’ve witnessed or admitted to doing on the job.


This AI chatbot can help you anonymously report harassment in the workplace

If you feel uncomfortable telling your story of harassment at work to a human, a new chatbot called Spot has a solution free from the bureaucracy of human resources.


Since #MeToo, number of men uncomfortable being alone with a woman at work has doubled

Since #MeToo and sexual harassment became a national conversation this fall, the survey found that male managers are more likely to treat their female subordinates at arms' length. The survey found the male managers are three times more likely now to say they are uncomfortable mentoring women.


Survey: Employees say harassment goes unreported more than HR professionals do

Even after the #MeToo movement has made sexual workplace harassment a national conversation, there's still a sharp divide between the number of incidents and what actually gets reported to Human Resources.

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What is the etiquette for dating a coworker in the age of #MeToo?

If there had been clear rules in place about relationships between coworkers there wouldn't have been any need for a #MeToo movement.


Office romances at lowest level in 10 years, but employee-boss relationships up 47%

Although "office romance" has dropped to its lowest level in 10 years, with 36% of employees 'fessing up to dating someone they work with, employee-boss relationships of the same nature are up.


Senators call for better data collection to measure economic impact of sexual harassment

A group of 22 senators sent a letter to the Department of Labor on Monday requesting that the department establish better, and more detailed, methods of collecting data on sexual harassment in the workplace.


Survey: Office romance hits the lowest point in 10 years

Career Builder’s yearly Valentine’s Day survey found that 'office romance' has sunk to the lowest point in 10 years.


Hillary Clinton reportedly kept campaign aide Burns Strider, accused of sexual harassment, from being fired

Hillary Clinton chose to keep a senior adviser to her 2008 U.S. presidential campaign after she learned he had been accused of repeated sexual harassment, according to a new bombshell report published Friday by The New York Times.


New Time’s Up initiative wants to help less famous employees deal with sexual harassment

On Monday, 300 women in Hollywood shared an open letter and an initiative titled 'Time's Up,' which outlined how they would use their privileged platform to help employees who are not famous deal with sexual harassment.

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Shannon Fisher on workplace sexual harassment: When in doubt, don’t

With the recent societal focus on workplace sexual harassment in America, many people are asking what the line is between friendly workplace banter and behavior that could be perceived as anywhere from overly flirtatious to downright predatory. Put simply: When in doubt, don't.