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What to do when you hate your job (but need it)

When you hate your job but still need the money … you more or less have to “deal with it”. However, fortunately, you do have some options to help.

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3 signs you should keep your job and 3 signs you shouldn’t

Here are three signs that maybe it is time to take the leap and find a new job, and three signs that maybe you should tough it out a bit longer.

Career Change

Considering quitting? Ask yourself these 6 questions first

I have quit a lot of things in my life. Once upon a time, big decisions were knee-jerk reactions. Now, I try and ask these six questions.

Office Life

How to better engage unhappy employees

Bad departures leave bad feelings on both sides that can overwrite years of goodwill and great work. Here are four ways to get ahead of this issue and keep unhappy employees from becoming toxic.


These are the industries with the most dissatisfied employees

Over 1,000 employees were surveyed about what frustrates them in their current careers and these were the top industries citing the most dissatisfaction. 


Workers quitting their jobs at fastest rate since 2001

The number of people quitting their jobs is the highest it has been since 2001 – rising 2.4% for an increase of 212,000 – to a total of 3.3 million.

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7 questions to ask before quitting your job

Even if that grand exit seems more and more appealing these days, career experts suggest reigning in those impulses — and answering a few questions first.

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The most successful people know a truth about quitting most of us don’t understand

Psychologists and experts say that quitting a project that's unrealistic can sometimes be the best option because it frees you up to work on other projects.


How to respectfully quit your job

No one wants to get stuck in a place where there is no upward advancement. So if you’re ready for a change or thinking about making it, you’re not alone. Whether you are experiencing job stress at your current position or looking for a simple job change, be sure to quit gracefully.


I failed my training exams. Is there any hope for my future now?

This is going to be a game-changer in your career.


This is the top reason employers expect more people to quit this year

Forty-five percent of hiring managers reported that salary is the main reason why workers quit their jobs. Here's how employers can improve workers' experiences on the job to try to prevent them from leaving.


6 ways to know it might be time to finally jump ship at work

Sometimes it becomes abundantly clear that you need to quit your job. Here are the potential signs that it could be time.