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Travel with a purpose: How to combine your favorite hobbies with traveling

In our modern and hectic world, it seems that the days of traveling just for the sake of it are mostly over for many of us. Mindlessly wandering around as a tourist is a bit passé; nowadays, it is much better if you can let your favorite pastimes take you to new places, combining both kinds of fun at the same time.


Mozart on how to unlock your inner creative genius

There is a destructive myth that the ‘creative genius’ is born with an innate, godlike ability to create extraordinary work at the snap of their finger. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


Most conferences are a waste of money unless you do this

Here are a few goals you need to have when attending a conference if you don’t want the experience to be a waste.

5 easy ways to persuade others that you are trustworthy

Often the question is not whether people lie, it’s what are they lying about? Do they stretch their optimism and hope that business will turn around? Will they create a fabrication like Bernie Madoff? Does the CEO tell a half-truth or do they simply omit an important piece of information?

The Whole Human

Don’t ask me where I’m from – ask what drives me

Sometimes "Where are you from?” is a complex question.


The rule of the scene: Why where you live affects the work you do

Do you have to move across the world to find your scene? What if circumstances prevent you from doing so? Here’s what to do if you find yourself in that situation.

The difference between having a job vs. having a career

So what’s the difference between just a job and a career? Here are a few of the deciding factors.


3 sneaky excuses for procrastination: Are you guilty?

So… what are the legitimate-sounding distractions that most typically get in our way? After talking with hundreds of executives in my leadership programs, here are what I find to be the big three.


10 unconventional habits that will improve your life dramatically

Here are a few unconventional habits that will improve your life dramatically in as little as 30 days.

The Whole Human

How to live and lead a life in high-fidelity

In my experience, humans are very much creatures of habit and comfort. There’s a sense of safety in a one-track, mono approach. But the problem is, if we stay on one track, we are depriving ourselves of all that’s to be experienced and learned along the roads less traveled. It’s only when we leave our comfort zones that we have the opportunity to gain new perspective, experience new vantage points and approach our most stubborn obstacles from a new angle.

The Whole Human

10 ways to make yourself a more attractive human being

There are two basic paths to becoming more attractive. Become a better human being (internal) or become a better looking human being (external.) Here are a few quick ideas for maximizing them both.


The common knowledge, skills and personality traits of successful entrepreneurs

Here’s what I’ve noticed while collaborating with entrepreneurs at Y Combinator and working on several startups.


Maybe it’s not always yes or no: The power of uncertainty

Whether you're too agreeable, or overly disagreeable, maybe it's time to embrace someplace in the middle and give yourself the gift of maybe.


How to improve your mindset, build strength, and make a living doing what you love

If you want to get stronger, fitter, and make a living doing what you love — start with your mind first. The rest will follow by itself.


This group of people are the happiest workers in the world

The happiest people at work probably aren't in your office.


How to stay focused and productive without getting burnt out

When you boil it down to the basics, focus and productivity require only two things.


How to avoid these 5 biggest career regrets

To ensure you don’t retire with feelings of rue, read the most common career regrets below and remember them during the daily grind — the gems of truth may pay off for you in the long run.


10 things successful people (who are actually happy) do differently

Researchers found that people who were both successful and happy over the long term intentionally structured their activities around several major needs.


This is how to “work smarter not harder”: 3 secrets from research

Get better work done in less time — and even achieve that mythical “work-life balance” unicorn everyone is always talking about.


What this Olympic-medal-winning figure skating pair can teach us about passion and drive

U.S. Olympic skating pair Maia and Alex Shibutani — also known as the "ShibSibs," — talk about the advice they would offer to their younger selves.