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Suspect your new hire won’t make it? 4 mistakes to avoid

Leaders fall into some common “traps” when confronted with the new hire who is stumbling. Here are 4 of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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A therapist’s tips for recognizing your own toxic behavior

Toxic behavior manifests in many different forms, some more severe than others, so SoCal-based psychotherapist and Prospect Therapy owner Sara Stanizai is here to help us spot ours and then put a stop to them.

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On why your disagreeable employee is a strong hire

Not every hire should be a skeptic about your mission, but it behooves you to hire some disagreeable employees to question your decisions.


Before you choose a work spouse, read this

Picking your work spouse can greatly improve your happiness in the office. Or it can completely ruin your life. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind.

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6 signs you’re being taken advantage of – and what to do

If someone is continuously taking advantage of you, then they aren't showing you the respect that is due and owing to you.

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3 leadership goals to set for each stage of your career

You have to set goals and determine certain benchmarks for yourself in order to prove that you have what it takes to move up the ladder.


What motivates Jane? (a.k.a. The Telepathy Game)

Proactively discover what each team member really cares about, what motivates them, and work to address it. Before it’s too late.

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Work on your bad habits not coworkers’ nerves

My job today is to prevent you young ‘uns from developing the type of bad habits that drive people nuts and make you a “work personality.”

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Do you come across as arrogant? 5 workplace behaviors to curb

No one is perfect, and the particularly intelligent must be especially careful about slipping into egotistical behavior.

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The 2 lessons about happiness that completely changed my mindset

Recently, I’ve had two eye-opening realizations about life and they’ve helped me feel happiness when things aren’t going as planned.


Survey: 17% of companies report increase in behavior complaints since #MeToo

New data shows that "complaints about inappropriate behavior" have gone up in 16.67%  of companies since #MeToo and #TimesUp.


6 things to do when someone is jealous of you at work

It is your job to get along with this person in a productive manner.


6 ways nice people can master conflict

Research from Columbia University shows that how you handle conflict can make or break your career.

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10 telltale signs you’re working at a really awesome company

We’ve gathered 10 telltale signs that you’re working at a really awesome company backed by thousands of real employee opinions about workplaces.


How to create rare and life-changing relationships with anyone (even your heroes)

The secret of getting others to help you: Because they want to. And for no other reason. Not because they were manipulated or because they feel compelled.


Your colleagues aren’t your family. And that’s a good thing

Regarding colleagues: “The family metaphor is just not true. You’re going to be with your 3-year-old when they’re 33, but that’s not what happens at work.”

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10 days and 34 words to better relationships

Grab a sticky note and enhance how you express caring, warmth, humility, and respect for others through these 34 words. You’ll likely get back more of those same four relationship goodies from them. Not to mention faster request turnaround times and more enthusiastic, thoughtful help.

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Why these companies decided to go on vacation together

There’s no way around it: You definitely spend more time with your colleagues than you do with any other community in your life. But what if in addition to sharing your space, mind, and lunch with your coworkers, you also went on vacation with them?


This is the big problem with being friends with your coworkers

Work friendships can be amazing and even beneficial to collaboration and productivity, however they can also be quite awkward and even detrimental according to research highlighted by Melissa Dahl in The New York Times. Dahl is the editor of New York magazine’s Science of Us, and the author of  Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness.

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Breaking up in business: How to do it painlessly

Business relationships have many parallels to marriage and intimate relationships. They start with enthusiasm and passion, they grow through balance and communication, and they endure the peaks and valleys of life.

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These are the careers where you are most likely to cheat on your significant other

According to a new survey, some of us are not only willing to risk our careers, but our current relationships for cupid's arrow, engaging in office flings even if it means that one of us is cheating on our current partner to do it.

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Your fear of looking stupid is making you look stupid

If you want to live a life of purpose, you’ll need to let go of your need for approval. You’ll need to be willing to follow your gut. To express your views. To be honest.

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This is how to make close friends: 4 surprising secrets from research

In many cases, we make mistakes that prevent us from really connecting with others and end up with lukewarm friendships but no idea how to deepen them. Time to fix that.

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My job was the most toxic relationship I had

I felt stuck — I needed the financial support yet was worried what it was doing to my normally very solid self-esteem.


Science tells us how long it takes an adult to make a new friend

How much quality time do you need before that stranger becomes your pal? Get ready to block off a good chunk of time if you want to earn the elusive title of best friend.