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Survey: Women claim half as much on expense reports as men

When employers require employees to pay expenses first and claim them later, a new survey found that these expense reports end up costing women more than men.

Personal Finance

5 simple ways to spring clean your finances

Spring has sprung! The weather has become warmer, the days are longer and everything seems fresh and new.  It’s now the perfect time to have that much-needed sort out, not just of your home, but your finances too.


Learn and earn: This language can help you cash in

Turns out, learning a second language can literally pay off. An MIT economist calculated the exact monetary returns of learning different foreign languages for U.S. college graduates and found that there are measurable benefits to learning how to conjugate German, French, and Spanish verbs.


3 ancient laws to help increase your wealth this year

Your goals may include cutting your debt in half or saving an extra month of pay. That’s great. Consider these three ancient laws make a remarkable difference in your wealth, and in your future.


Study: 57% of millennials say social media leads to unplanned spending

It's one thing to feel FOMO, but it's another to feel pressured into spending money you weren't originally going to because of what you saw on social media.


Stop spending so much!

We’re spending too much money, and part of the reason is that it’s just so incredibly easy to buy things. Here's how to make it harder on yourself.


Here are some things to do with money from a bonus or tax return

It's officially tax season: Jan. 29 marked the first day you could file your tax return to the IRS. Here are some things to do with the extra cash you receive from a tax return or a bonus.

Side Hustles

4 ways to finally choose a side hustle you actually love

Finding a way to earn a little money on the side when you already have a packed schedule is only half the battle — picking a source of this new income can prove equally as challenging. Here's how to choose a side hustle.


The easy way to save money: 6 powerful secrets from research

Research shows how your brain relates to money and can teach you how to make smarter choices. This way you can keep your millions.