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ACLU says Facebook allowed employers to post job ads that excluded women

The ACLU complaint argues that Facebook is not just a middleman for jobs, but acts as an employment agency and is therefore liable.

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Business professors share 5 tips for new-hire success

We’ve asked business experts to share their tips for success when you start a new position and want to stand out as a team player.


These are the most desirable jobs in 2018, according to Tinder swipes

Tinder relies on first impressions, and according to a new list, there are some careers that are more immediately desirable than others.

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What it’s really like to get a job at Google

A recruiter has contacted you and wants to chat with you about getting a job at Google. That’s right, Google. Could it really be?


The positions with the best (and worst) job security in America

Check out these rankings from 27/7 Wall St. to see if you currently work in a field with the best or worst job security in the country.


Survey: Workers in these industries are least likely to have smiling LinkedIn profile photos

Workers in these industries are least likely to have LinkedIn photos where they're smiling: Computer Science, Retail, Advertising, IT, Marketing and PR.


These are the professions Americans think contribute the most (and least) to society

When pitting professions against each another, some may judge how much it informs and brightens someone's day stacks up against a career that saves lives.


The 25 most Millennial-dominated jobs in America

There's a uniquely difficult employment situation for working millennials. We look at the data to find the most millennial-dominated jobs in America.


Survey: 13% of Millennials started their first job after 20 years old

Research shows that 22.2% of Millennials say being a cashier was their first job, compared to 13% of Baby Boomers and 28.8% of those in Generation X.


Survey: 21.8% of Millennials say a friend referred them for their first position

Research has found that 21.8% of Millennials say a friend referred them for their first job, compared to 26.1% of Baby Boomers and 24.8% of Generation X.


Here is some of the worst advice currently being given to Millennials

Here are the seven pieces of advice that I HATE hearing people give to Millennials. Top of the list: Work harder you lazy punk!

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The best college in each state for getting a job in 2018

It’s becoming more important for graduates to prepare for a competitive workforce. This means choosing the right college to attend in the first place.

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Survey: Benefits, commute time top things that make a job more appealing

"Attractive benefits and perks" are the most popular things that would make Americans more inclined to hit "send" on a job application.


These are the worst job markets for 2018

When it comes to finding a decent, well-paying job, you may want to avoid these cities. These areas have the bleakest outlook on employment.

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These are the 10 best jobs in America for 2018

Here are the 10 best jobs to have this year focused on three variables for the study – total employment, annual mean wage, average entry-level pay.

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A six-figure salary in San Francisco is now considered ‘low income’

In the Bay Area having a salary of $117,400 qualifies you as "low income" in some counties, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. WHAT?!


Survey: The most popular early jobs and universities of CEOs

New LinkedIn data shows that the role of a consultant is the most popular first job among CEOs. In terms of the roles they filled before right getting the position for the first time, the research found that 72% were directors or higher up on the corporate ladder.


These are the hottest jobs in America in 2018

Many of the highest-paying jobs are in the technology sector — machine learning engineers, data scientists, computer vision engineers, full stack developers — while the bottom is largely comprised of occupations from a variety of industries, including pharmacists, construction managers, and architects.


Survey: 61% of entry-level jobs require 3+ years of experience

Emerging professionals who are early in their career face a conundrum: You need a job in order to get experience, but you need experience in order to get a job — how do you get one without the other?

The Future of Work

Here’s how not to lose your job in the next 15 years

Learn all you can about the technology entering your field. Stay up on all the trends. And give real thought to where the human element is still needed.


What jobs won’t be around 10 years from now?

Which jobs won't exist in 10 years and which are growing fast.


Rural Americans want a job, while urbanites want a raise: Report

Americans living in rural towns are being left behind by the current jobs boom, while their counterparts in urban areas are seeing robust employment gains.


Listen up: Retaining millennial employees takes good ears

Millennials may be a different breed of employee but they are here to stay so listen to them and make the necessary adjustments for their success and the success of your business.