Articles about Innovation


This is how to execute an idea better than anyone else

More often than not, you need to hold your idea up to critique and make sure it’s durable. You have to be relentless in search of data to disprove your hypothesis and if your idea survives, you may be onto something.


When it’s out of your control, trust the coping strategy of a master

When we look outside ourselves for acceptance and don’t find it we reach for a lever of hope. Here is how to deal when they are out of your control.


7 of the best tech products for working and traveling

To get the most out of working on-the-go and remain productive with your deliverables, you need to ensure your tech keeps up with your jet-setting.


A world-leading technologist on what the year 2038 will look like

Technology in the future: A “GPS for our lives”, jobs that will never be replaced by robots, and how humans and AI will work together.

Office Life

Google is making it easier to reschedule your meetings

If you're planning meetings, you have likely been caught in the endless cycle of 'availability when?' emails. But now, Google is introducing a better way.


What swimming with reef sharks taught me about confidence

You need to think like a shark.


You could have your resume plastered all over a race car if you win this contest

Looking to get noticed by potential employers? Well, this is certainly one way to do it.

Social Media

The father of virtual reality on how Facebook is messing with your mind

The "manipulation machine makes you cranky, makes you irritable, makes you paranoid, makes you sad ... Facebook ’s own researchers have published that.”

The Future of Work

The key to better workplace productivity may be self-driving cars

Cars that can drive themselves could relinquish a significant number of hours to focus on other things, like getting a head start on work.

The Future of Work

Here’s how to encourage more girls to pursue STEM careers

If girls have the smarts needed for success in STEM, then what factors explain why they don’t pursue education and careers in these fields?


This new LinkedIn feature makes networking so much easier

There’s nothing worse than when you are at a networking event, meet an amazing contact you want to stay in touch with, go to hand them a business card from your bag and realize you’re out.

artificial intelligence

Survey: 93% of people would trust instructions from a robot in the workplace

93% of people would believe a robot's instructions at the office and 59% feel AI will "improve operational efficiencies."


How to become more intelligent every day

People aren’t born smart. People learn how to work with what they’ve got, and become smart as a result.

The Whole Human

A guide for thriving in a fast world: 3 things worth remembering

Anything that disrupts routines in this fast world gets labeled as bad. Yet, more often than not, change is only as good or bad as the response to it.


What great ideas are made of

Where brilliant ideas come from. How to run a brainstorming session at work with real impact. When you should pitch your big idea to your boss.


Tired at work? Try out this new nap pod lounge

When you work in an office that may be an impossibility. Enter the rise of the nap pod service for employees seeking a relaxing break from office drudgery.


The last straw! Starbucks says it will ban all plastic straws by 2020

The world's largest coffee seller, Starbucks, said it plans to ban plastic straws at all of its 28,000 locations by 2020 as part of a sustainability plan.

2 eye-opening experiences that trigger immediate clarity and behavior change

If you’re struggling to be motivated, you need to have at least one of these two types of experiences.


12 innovative ways to innovate your innovation

Innovation at large companies is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 12 innovative steps to innovate and increase innovation in the workplace and you’ll be innovating in no time.


Do you make these thinking errors?

With practice, you can avoid some thinking mistakes that many of us make. And by avoiding these errors, we can improve our decisions, and consequently: Our lives and careers.

A look at the daily routine of Benjamin Franklin, who didn’t always follow his own ‘early to bed, early to rise’ advice

The Founding Father got a lot done, so it's no surprise that he earned the unofficial moniker of "First American." And it's definitely not a shock that he was pretty intentional about his time, according to his autobiography.


Steal ideas from other people

The inventions and discoveries we consider original aren’t entirely so. They’re a product of a combination of existing elements and ideas.


This Chrome email plugin wants you to stop saying ‘sorry’ all the time

Just how sorry are you in your emails? One Gmail plugin wants us to cut this behavior out and stop apologizing for everything we do at work.


Thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips into themselves – here’s why

This phenomenon of Swedes inserting microchips into themselves reflects Sweden’s unique biohacking scene.


Yes, that elephant can dance: General Motors Chief Talent Officer on innovation at scale

There are well-told stories about how and why old struggling companies have beat the odds and changed their cultures, practices, and products for the better — although it is important to remember that nothing life is permanent, so such successes are best viewed as temporary and precarious.