Articles about Diversity


Survey: These are the most (and least) diverse states in the country

The list of diverse states is literally all over the map, but the Northeast stands out as one of the least diverse sections of America.


Stephen Colbert explains ‘extraordinary’ steps he took to get a diverse staff

Simply saying that you want a diverse staff is sometimes not enough to get you one. Just ask Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

Career Advice

Beyoncé’s advice on how to manage your career

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is one of the biggest celebrities in the world and one of the tightest-lipped about it.

Office Culture

LGBTQ employees on what matters to them in the workplace

As pride month rounds out, it is important to remember that celebrating diversity and inclusion isn’t only welcomed from June 1 to June 30 — but year round.


Starbucks to offer more benefits for transgender employees

The company had already been covering gender affirming surgery, but now they will also include procedures that were previously considered cosmetic.


Research: Asian Americans least likely to be promoted to management in tech

Asian Americans were the least likely among all races to become managers and executives, even though they were the most likely to get hired for tech jobs.

Office Culture

Unique ways these companies celebrate diversity and inclusion

While it is an appreciated gesture to be tolerant and welcoming from the inside out of your company — spanning internal practices and outward messaging — some businesses go above and beyond. After all, diversity and inclusion principles aren’t only important for a single month, but vital for progress year-round.