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How To

3 ways to have a life when you spend hours commuting daily

There are things you can do to do improve your off-hours when traveling to and from the office takes up too much of your time.

The Commute

The states with the safest and most dangerous commutes

Commutes are a major part of our lives – we spend nearly 38,000 total hours driving – so, what are the best and worst states for drivers?


Almost half of employees worldwide think they could do their job in 5 hours or less each day

The case is getting stronger for a shorter workweek. According to a global survey of nearly 3,000 employees across eight nations conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, 78% of full-time workers say it would take less than seven hours each day to do their job.

Personal Finance

8 things you’re spending too much money on – and how to stop

There’s a handful of things we all spend too much on, but a few painless tweaks can add up to major savings. Here are some tips on budgeting.

Morning Routine

This is how much time people spend in the shower everyday

Showers: Can't live without 'em and....that's about it. We have to get clean and a shower is usually the most effective way to do it unless you have a very laid back morning routine and can hop in the tub for a nice leisure bath. But for most of us, it is a rushed morning shower (though showering at night has some major benefits), or maybe it's not.


4 things to do if you’re always running late, no matter what

Sometimes, no matter what we do, we're always running late. Here are four things to do when attempting to wish away your chronic lateness isn't working.


A surprising number of Americans would give up their phone for coffee

They are also willing to shell out some serious cash to quench their caffeine thirst.