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Starbucks debuts its first protein-packed coffee

Starbucks has announced that it is introducing its new Protein Blended Cold Brew coffee in both an almond and cacao flavor.


13 Starbucks hacks you need to know

It’s worth looking into how to get more bang for our (Star)buck – here are 13 time, money, and calorie hacks for Starbucks.


Brace yourselves: There is now a support group for Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers

Starbucks launched a closed Facebook group, called the Leaf Rakers Society, for those that find it hard to get through the non-Pumpkin Spice Latte months.

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Your brain on coffee

Although some health professionals warn us about the ills of coffee and caffeine, current research has turned the tide to coffee’s positive benefits.


Just sniffing coffee is enough to boost your job performance

A new study explains why the pick-me-up of coffee's scent is not just in our heads. Coffee's scent has brain-boosting powers.


8 morning habits of the least successful people

What if I don’t want to have a productive day and am aiming much lower? A satirical look at what you shouldn't do with your morning habits.


Sorry, but coffee will not sober you up, according to a new study

According to a new study, coffee does not sober you up if you are drunk — it's not the miracle elixir we thought it was.

7 ways to stay hydrated during the day even if you hate water

Yes, I get it. Water is super important. There's just one problem. I have never liked it.


New study says coffee will extend your life, but it also has this surprising benefit

It seems like everyday there is a new study telling us either that coffee is slowly killing us or making us healthier. Today's latest study, published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, says drinking coffee will help extend your life span.

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Why you should allow yourself to get bored more often

The next time you are feelingbored, resist the temptation to reach for your phone. Instead, do what you did as a six-year-old: Begin daydreaming.

Office culture

A Google employee’s take on perks and productivity

A big part of productivity is simplifying unnecessary parts of your life. My favorite perks are the ones that simplify my life and free up a lot more time.


How to eat your way into a good night’s sleep

We try to counter disrupted sleep cycles with caffeine and sweet treats, only to find our sleep disrupted even further. So which everyday ingredients help?

Job Search

27 surprising things that affect whether you get hired

There are many seemingly small details in an interview that can affect your chances of landing the job. Some are within your control, others are out of it.


This hydration schedule will help you sleep like a baby, experts say

Do you frequently feel sluggish and irritated for no good reason when you wake up in the morning, instead of feeling rested and refreshed? You might be part of the one in three Americans who have at least mild insomnia.


Top 9 meals to eat alone at your desk

From worst to best, here’s a definitive ranking of the top 9 lunches to eat alone at your desk, with suggested pairings of work tasks to complete while crying eating.

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Sorry, but we’re just not ready for broccoli coffee

You know when you are eating broccoli and then you wash it down with a nice cup of coffee? No? That's right because hopefully, you have working taste buds.


A scientist has created an algorithm for the perfect amount of coffee

Senior research scientist Jaques Reifman, who works on biotechnology software for the U.S. Army, has discovered the perfect amount of coffee an individual should drink to stay alert based on an algorithm.

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Happy National Donut Day! Here is where to get some freebies today

As for where to get some free donuts today, here is a list of stores offering you some treats. 


5 ways to power up your work breakfast

Here are just some of the most effective ways to turn any breakfast into a power meal.

Morning Routine

How a Flywheel instructor crushes her morning routine (without coffee)

It is one thing to get up early, then get on a train or in a car and then go sit for the majority of your day at desk. It is quite another to get up and then grab on a spin bike and inspire a group of tired, overworked people to not only exercise vigorously, but also scream and shout and maybe even dance a little first thing in the morning. But that is what Flywheel instructor Emily Fayette does every day.

8,000 Starbucks stores are closing today: Here are 10 other ways to stay caffeinated

Today coffee giant Starbucks will be closing 8,000 of its company-owned stores to carry out diversity training for its workers all over the U.S. As you can imagine, people are panicking. Not really, but it is a little stressful if your whole normal coffee routine is thrown off. Now you could just go to a different coffee chain like Dunkin' Donuts or Peet's. Or you could try these alternatives for feeling caffeinated. You may end up sticking with some of these in the long run.

How to make your healthy habits even healthier

Consider yourself healthy and active? With Summer on the horizon, there’s no doubt you’re putting your health at the top of your agenda to feel and look your best once the sunshine starts heading our way. Here, we have listed some small lifestyle changes that can make your healthy habits even healthier!


Are you seeing your coworkers through ‘coffee goggles’?

Many people say 'Don't talk to me until I've had my first cup of coffee' in an attempt to indicate that they are not fit for social interactions with other humans until they have some caffeine in their blood stream. It is a bit of an exaggerated statement but according to a new study, it has some real truth to it. 


This is the surprising benefit of going for that third cup of coffee

That first cup of coffee in the morning is absolutely needed to wake you up. The second cup of coffee a bit later keeps the momentum up. The third cup is when you start to feel a bit guilty and doubt your sense of self. But this new study will help get rid of that guilt.


Sorry, California: Here are 4 science-backed reasons to keep drinking coffee

There are countless studies and data points that show coffee is actually not only good for your health, it can help you be more productive at work.