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Why being an overprotective parent isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Before you buy into the idea that all overprotective parents are ruining their children’s lives, check out how you might actually be helping them.


This is the best state to have a child in this year

All 50 states (plus D.C.) were examined for "health care," "family-friendliness," "cost" and "baby-friendliness" to find the best place to have a child.


Lessons for great parenting and success from my Chinese, non-Tiger Mom

“You have degrees from Stanford and Harvard?


How a month of paternity leave turned me into a competent dad

At the end of my wife’s maternity leave, I would take over. For a whole month, I was going on paternity leave. And I was starting to question my decision.


Survey: 52% of Millennial parents think having kids has been good for their careers

51% of Millennials say they are more family-focused than career-focused and 48% Millennials predict they’ll attain the "American Dream" by age 40.


Video game obsession isn’t really about the video games. It’s about unmet psychological needs

Are video games like Fortnite harmful to kids? Parents need to understand why kids play and when to worry and when to relax.


Daughters of working moms grow up to be just as happy as kids of stay-at-home moms

For daughters of working moms, not only does it improve their career, they will also end up just as happy as children of stay-at-home moms.


The best (and worst) public school systems in America

WalletHub analyzed the school systems in all 50 states and D.C. in terms of "safety" and “quality” and Massachusetts came out on top.

Family Life

Why you should let your children fail more often

You have the best of intentions, but resist that natural parental instinct. By shielding children from failure, we’re doing them a serious disservice.

Parental Leave

Time to become a dad: This company’s paid family leave benefits all caregivers

While caregiver roles are evolving at home, workplaces are implementing family leave changes to support the needs of all parents and caregivers equally.


Survey: 1 in 3 families say childcare costs influence family planning

Too many of us are still unprepared for what it takes financially to balance a new family with our personal and professional lives, according to a survey.

Family Life

Avoid family fights about work and money using HR tricks

It’s important to have a clear organizational chart for your family to make sure everyone is on the same page and morale remains high.

The Future of Work

Here’s how to encourage more girls to pursue STEM careers

If girls have the smarts needed for success in STEM, then what factors explain why they don’t pursue education and careers in these fields?


New book says that childhood bonds impact your career success

Understanding how our attachment styles, which are developed in infancy, impact how we connect in any relationship — including with coworkers and your boss.

Levelling Up

If you’re not changing as a person then you’re not intelligent (according to Einstein)

Are you intelligent and changing? If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. If you’re not growing, you’re not being intelligent.

Parental Leave

Coworkers are ‘donating’ their vacation time to new moms – commendable, sad or bad?

Two new moms were able to take time off — despite not having paid parental leave at their jobs — because their coworkers donated their own paid time off.


These childless women are happy – so why won’t anyone believe them?

We've still not reached a place where the choice to remain childless is free of judgment. For many, being subjected to other people's opinions persists.

Parents At Work

Working moms sympathize with Serena Williams missing baby milestone

Working moms recognized Serena Williams' heartache over missing her child's first steps, and responded with sympathy and advice.


Survey: 68% of workers say children more difficult to manage than employees in the summer

Research reveals that 68% of employees say that their kids are tougher "to manage" during summer break than their workers.

Father's Day

Here are the Top 50 companies in America for new dads

Dads complain that workplaces still expect them to put their jobs ahead of their children. But there are some companies who are doing it right. Fatherly's 2018 list of the best workplaces for new dads is a model of how other companies should be doing it.

Father's Day

Twitter captures the #FunnyThingsDadsSay

Father's Day is this weekend, and Twitter users had a lot to say this week about all the funny things they've heard from their dads.

Father's Day

73% of dads say their company doesn’t offer enough support for fathers

In a survey of over 1,700 men and women ages 25 to 45, Promundo and Dove Men+Care found that more fathers want to be actively involved in their children's lives, but feel held back by stigma and their jobs.

Father's Day

4 misconceptions about stay-at-home dads we need to end now

Similar to the belief that stay-at-home moms sit around watching soap operas and eating bonbons, stay-at-home dads are plagued by misconceptions. It’s unfortunate that the world we live in still discounts and undermines the value of domestic work and family.


4 things every child needs before breakfast

Children shouldn’t be expected to know how to start their day off right. They shouldn’t be expected to know how confidence is built, or how momentum and motivation works. But their parents should understand these things.

Work-Life Balance

Survey: 38% of working parents say they’ve missed a child’s major event over the past year

38% of working parents said they've "missed a significant event in their child's life due to work in the last year." But that's not all: 21% of working parents said that they've missed a minimum of three for the same reason.