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4 tips for following up with a professional contact after what feels like forever

What happens when you go to a conference and meet a ton of new faces, but fail to follow up with them? Or when you let a year go by without contacting your mentor, who has been so invested in your development all along?


The single biggest thing you can do for your career: Show up. Every. Day.

Showing up to the office every day, providing value, and showing your work is one of the best ways to build a lasting career.


A GM engineer’s advice for people considering STEM careers

A GM engineer shares her two biggest pieces of advice to young people considering STEM careers and how she changed career paths.

Morning Routine

This Spotify sales coordinator starts her day with self-care

Nicole Godreau is a 20-something living in New York. Like so many others, she starts her day with a favorite playlist. The only difference? Godreau works for streaming giant Spotify, which means the music never stops for this sales coordinator.


Men identify as the breadwinner if they do not respect wife’s career

For some men, claiming that title may depend if they respect their wife's choice of career, not how much their wives are actually earning.


Survey: 22% of Americans say they ‘fell’ into their job instead of picking it

New findings from LinkedIn on what they call "career sleepwalking" show that 22% of Americans say they "fell' into their job instead of picking it.


Survey: 50% of professionals have fought with a spouse over working on vacation

New data shows that 50% of professionals say they've fought with their "spouse about being too connected to work" while vacationing.


Your career hot streak can happen at anytime, study finds

When we watch colleagues get on a hot streak and produce hit after hit, we may watch from the sidelines wondering exactly how they did it.


This map shows the highest-paying companies in every state

Some companies are paying big bucks to the Average Joe. Our new map breaks down the highest-paying companies by industry in every state.


Why most people will never be successful

Success is continuously improving who you are, how you live, how you serve, and how you relate. So why won’t most people be successful?

Career Change

How to change careers with no experience in your new field

The prospect of career changes, however, can seem daunting — especially without a background in the new field of interest.


The best (and worst) states to begin a start-up

If you have a brilliant idea that the world needs to see, and you’re thinking about starting up a start-up, it’s best to know where to start up a start-up.

Work-Life Balance

These quotes from top travel influencers will inspire you to leave the 9-to-5

Are you turning into a green-eyed monster on Instagram watching the top influencers live their most glamorous travel lives?

The Future of Work

Here’s how to encourage more girls to pursue STEM careers

If girls have the smarts needed for success in STEM, then what factors explain why they don’t pursue education and careers in these fields?


Visualizing the best and worst paid jobs in the tech sector

We did some research and discovered that there are plenty of great high-paying jobs out there, but there are also several positions with relatively low pay.


8 inspiring beach reads that don’t feel like career advice

From page-turners that provoke creativity to memoirs that challenge you to work harder, consider these recommendations from successful professionals.


Survey: 15% of Americans don’t use anything from their college major in the workplace

15% of Americans don’t use their college major in the workplace and half said that "educational requirements" make it harder to switch careers.


These are the industries with the most dissatisfied employees

Over 1,000 employees were surveyed about what frustrates them in their current careers and these were the top industries citing the most dissatisfaction. 

How To

7 tips to find the right industry and position for your next career move

Don’t have an accidental life or career. Often more planning goes into a summer vacation than a 40-year career or 90-year life. Spend purposeful time creating an actionable plan for your next career move and you can trade the treadmill to nowhere for fulfillment.