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Survey: These are the best companies to intern at in 2018

When you're an intern at a company, you want to know that you fetching coffee and doing entry-level grunt work will one day pay off. At Indeed, data scientists found out where that hard work and effort was rewarded, releasing a list of the top-rated workplaces for interns in 2018.


This is one thing you should never do during a job search

In short, you use lots of features and tools on your phone in your job search — except for maybe one: texting. Texting during your job search is still a grey area. Is text an acceptable job search tool?


Study: Here are the Top 10 jobs attracting the most transplants

While people tend to move to certain cities for jobs — and leave others behind — the most popular position people relocate for is Chemical Engineer, according to new data from Glassdoor.


5 women who quit a job for their mental health – and what they learned

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, get inspired to leave a toxic gig, just like these five — super-successful and happier — women did.

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Study: The top 5 cities attracting the most out-of-area workers

Turns out that people have a habit of moving to certain cities for work. In fact, recent research from Glassdoor shows that San Francisco is the city in their analysis with the most workers from elsewhere at 12.4%.

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What we can learn from Meghan Markle … about updating a resume

We are only a few days away from The Royal Wedding there is so much information out there about anything and everything having to do with the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. From her dress to the food being served at the wedding to the flowers in her bouquet but we want to focus on something really sexy: how Markle will be updating her resume as she transitions from being an actress to an official Royal person. This is what everyone has been dying to know!

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How to find the answer to ‘What career is right for me?’

A huge part of why looking for a job can be such as struggle is the fact that, sometimes you don’t even know WHAT you should be looking for!


These are the best cities to start a new career

WalletHub analyzed 182 American cities in terms of "Quality of Life" and "Professional Opportunities," then assessed each in terms of 27 different factors — including the availability of entry-level jobs to monthly average starting salary to workforce diversity — to ultimately come up with their rankings.


Study: Almost half of Millennials expect to leave their job in 2 years

When it comes to jobs, millennials are not looking to stay in one place, always looking for greener pastures. According to a new survey of 10,455 employed millennials across 36 countries by Deloitte, millennials are not loyal to one employer.


Here are the Top 10 places in America for creatives

Some cities are more famous for their creative histories than others. But are those cultural centers the best places for creatives today? In many of those cities rising costs of living mean creatives struggle to meet financial milestones like buying a home or saving up for a secure retirement.


2018 college graduates will earn an average salary of $50K

A new analysis by global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry shows that members of the Class of 2018 will rack up $50,390 a year on average — up from $49,000 last year.


7 career lessons you can learn from TV pilot season

Every year, about this time, the networks announce the new TV lineups and listings of shows that will debut in the fall. And every fall, the majority of those pilots disappear without as much as a whimper. Believe it or not, there are a lot of career lessons to be learned from the best and worst TV pilots.


The most popular jobs for graduates – some with salaries near $100K

LinkedIn released new research showing what jobs the Class of 2016-2017 scored, with the top one being a Software Engineer, boasting a hefty salary of $92,300. Here are some of the data points that stood out.

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How to “clean up” your social media presence before a job search

Let’s take a look at what you can do to prep your social media profiles for a job search, which might entail a background check or a critical look at your online reputation.

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Here are the 7 best blockchain careers and jobs for the future

As this market continues to grow, it can be expected there will be many exciting and lucrative career options for those skilled with blockchain.

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Here are the reasons people resist career change so fiercely

If you truly want a career change, I hope you’ll begin on a path today to making it happen. Empowering help is all around you.

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Use the element of surprise to shake up your job search

Sometimes you really need to change things up if only to alleviate your own boredom with the process. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you while searching for your next gig.


This is why successful people are unhappy in middle age — and what to do about it

High-achieving professionals seem especially vulnerable to missing out on happiness in midlife. This is how to get past it if middle age is leaving you unhappy despite your success.

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Should you break up with your job? (6 signs it’s time to quit)

Just like a bad romantic relationship, a toxic workplace can have a huge impact on your happiness and mental health. If you feel like you’ve tried every possible compromise but your job is still making you feel burnt out and bored, it might be time to quit your job and move on to the next great opportunity.

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How to respond to ‘Tell me about yourself?’ during an interview

"So, tell me about yourself," the job interviewer says. Your heart sinks instantly. Here's how to respond to this question, even if you were hoping it wouldn't come up in conversation this time.

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These places are paying workers to relocate there

The labor shortage is so bad in some American cities in the Midwest are resorting to offering people thousands of dollars to relocate and help fill positions.

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Get clear on the fear that keeps you in a miserable job

We spend such a significant amount of our lives at work; let’s get clear on the fear that holds you back from getting a new job or making a career change.

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10 things you need to know if you’re moving abroad

Moving your whole life from one country to another can truly be an exciting part of your life but also a stressful time, so you want to make sure you have everything in order before you settle down in the new country. If you ask us, this is is imperative if you want to start on the right foot.


These are the fastest-growing jobs in each state for 2018

For the second year in a row, SmartAsset found the fastest-growing job in every state. Different types of jobs are available in different parts of the country, and it can be immensely valuable for workers today to get ahead of tomorrow’s employment trends.

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4 common reasons you might consider changing careers

If a career change is what you want, here’s a job search checklist for career changers designed to get you really thinking about the ins and outs of your potential career move.