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Job search

What it’s really like to get a job at Google

A recruiter has contacted you and wants to chat with you about getting a job at Google. That’s right, Google. Could it really be?


4 things successful people do in the last 15 minutes of their workday

The most successful people use the last few minutes to finish tasks, preparing for the next day, building relationships, and keeping work at the office.

Career Change

The best cities to start your career in each state

You don’t need to move to the Big Apple or to LA to be successful. Sometimes the lesser-known cities can create the biggest positive impact on your career.


Survey: 13% of Millennials started their first job after 20 years old

Research shows that 22.2% of Millennials say being a cashier was their first job, compared to 13% of Baby Boomers and 28.8% of those in Generation X.

How To

4 ways to tie up loose ends in your career before fall

Although I'd rather not think about it, we're just days away from September. It's time to tie up all those loose ends before fall comes around — here's how.

How To

4 steps to help you choose the right career

I thought I had chosen the right career path, realized it was WRONG, and then went through a process that I WISH I had done sooner! Here is what I did.


Survey: 22% of Americans say they ‘fell’ into their job instead of picking it

New findings from LinkedIn on what they call "career sleepwalking" show that 22% of Americans say they "fell' into their job instead of picking it.


Survey: 22% of workers ages 18-34 say they’ve been demoted

New data shows that 22% of workers ages 18-34 have "been demoted" on the job and 55% of those demoted ended up quitting after.


The secret to getting the life you’ve always dreamed of

We are going to do something kind of risky.

career change

Ready for a re-do? 5 tips to reinvent your career at any stage of life

Take a deep breath and consider the gift of freedom, but remove the red bow of fear. You can find the right career path, it will just take time and effort.

Pop Culture

Career lessons from ’80s music

Since music adds the backdrop to most of our lives, here are some career lessons and takeaways from what is often unfairly dismissed as a musical wasteland.


4 companies that tailor to female entrepreneurs

Potential entrepreneurs: If you’re thinking about going out on a limb or advancing your career, it’s worth an email to these powerful movers-and-shakers.

career change

3 signs you should keep your job and 3 signs you shouldn’t

Here are three signs that maybe it is time to take the leap and find a new job, and three signs that maybe you should tough it out a bit longer.

Personal Finance

The pros and cons of having separate banking accounts

A Bank of America study found that Millennial couples have separate bank accounts more than twice as much as Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Career Advice

8 career podcasts you should download ASAP

If you’re looking for a way to advance your career, learn invaluable information, be entertained or inspired, career podcasts are a smart way to pass time.

Career Advice

The truth about 3 great career tips that you’ll never hear

Three great career tips that you will never hear — they are simple, but very important, if you want a career built around what is meaningful to you.

The Whole Human

Don’t ask me where I’m from – ask what drives me

Sometimes "Where are you from?” is a complex question.

The Whole Human

10 important life lessons we are often taught too late

The following list unveils some of the most important lessons in life that people learn the hard way.