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8 alternatives to traditional business cards

New ideas for business cards, which showcase your name and title and clearly and easily offer others your preferred ways of being in touch.


6 inspirational quotes you can take wildly out of context to promote your business

Take these timeless, era-defining inspirational quotes wildly out of context to sell your app or promote your business or whatever.

The Whole Human

Life and business lessons from the chimney sweeper

One chimney sweep's approach to the job showed that he took great care in his work and provided valuable lessons that we all can apply to our work and life.

Highest Paying Jobs

15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs with really awesome Instagram accounts

How did we live before Instagram? Well we probably didn't have our nose in our phones as much, but seriously an Instagram account can say so much about a company and the people who work for it. 


3 ways to apply what you learned at a conference to your career

You should aim to keep the momentum going — here are three ways to apply what you learned at a conference to your career.

Career Change

How to change careers with no experience in your new field

The prospect of career changes, however, can seem daunting — especially without a background in the new field of interest.


A professor explains why networking is a waste of time and what you should be doing instead

The “heart” of networking is rooted in selfishness, taking and using; while the great leaders all teach us that true success comes through serving.

Personal Finance

$50,000 in 5 months: 3 essential steps to turn a passion project into a business

Over 5 months, I’ve sold nearly $50,000 in products related to my niche, and I’d like to share the steps I took to turn my passion project into a business.


The best (and worst) states to begin a start-up

If you have a brilliant idea that the world needs to see, and you’re thinking about starting up a start-up, it’s best to know where to start up a start-up.

Office Life

The dos and don’ts of shadowing someone at work

Whether you're an intern shadowing an employee, or a full-time employee shadowing another, there are things you should strive for and avoid.


How to make your idea the 1 in 5000 that actually makes money

Ever dreamed of developing your own products based around an idea you thought up, but didn’t have a clue how to get started?


This new LinkedIn feature makes networking so much easier

There’s nothing worse than when you are at a networking event, meet an amazing contact you want to stay in touch with, go to hand them a business card from your bag and realize you’re out.

The Whole Human

Want more energy and bigger results? Stop asking ‘HOW’ and start asking ‘WHO’

When most people have goals, they immediately begin thinking about HOW. Billionaires immediately begin thinking about WHO.


How to build a business around your personal brand

Life keeps evolving. Business keeps changing. But building a personal brand has never been easier. The internet has allowed us all to be on equal footing.

These are the Top 50 best places to work for in 2018

It's summer which means most of us are clamoring to get out of the office most of the time. However, if you work for one of these 50 companies that may not be the case. Indeed just released its 50 top-rated workplaces in America annual report and some pretty impressive companies made the cut. 

10 tips for anyone attending business school

Here are my top 10 tips for getting the most out of your MBA program.


This is how millennials really feel about business travel

Seventy-five percent of young professionals in the U.S. see business travel as a major work perk and 65% consider it to be a status symbol, according to a recent survey commissioned by Hilton Hotels & Resorts.


12 amazing airport activities that will make you wish for a longer layover

Check out all the offerings you can do all over the world, from hitting the racks with a personal shopper to soaking in some hot springs. Who says the journey won’t be almost as enjoyable as the destination?


These are the best and worst airports of 2018

We already know airports are disgusting places full of germs just waiting to get us sick, but there are definitely some airports and airlines that are better than others.  Like there are some airports where you just regret leaving your house at all and there are others where you actually had a relatively pleasant time.


Why one-day diversity training like Starbucks did is not enough

Can systemic racism get tackled in a four-hour crash course into diversity? Experts and research on the topic are skeptical.