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Do you have what it takes to become a superboss?

Business thinker Sydney Finkelstein speaks with David Burkus about the surprising traits of a superboss — and what they have to do with Saturday Night Live.


The email every leader should write

Are you a “rising star” at your job or an organization outside of work? To cement your “leader” status, use this email template and let others show what they can do.

Science of Work

Science says: Complaining about your bad boss will make it worse

According to a recent study, slamming your boss to a colleague, particularly a "passive listener," can make you angrier, more pessimistic, and a worse employee.

Career Change

Starting a new job soon? The tip that changed my life

A tip that my mentor told me a few years ago CHANGED. MY. LIFE. So when I was starting my new role I decided to try this tip to impress my boss right off the bat.

How To

How to not look dumb when you get called on in a meeting you weren’t paying attention in

When your manager calls on you out of nowhere in a meeting— but you don't know what's going on— you probably want to sink into the floor. Here's how to handle a moment like this.


10 reasons nice bosses finish first

What exactly does a “nice” boss look like, and how does one pull it off without being a pushover? Incorporate these behaviors into your repertoire, and you’ll see immediate improvement in your leadership skills.

Office Life

How funny bosses can encourage deviant rule breakers

Funny bosses encourage us to let our guard down, but a new study found that their jokes can inadvertently encourage us to let our guard down too much, communicating that the workplace is an upside-down funhouse where rules no longer apply.

career change

My job was the most toxic relationship I had

I felt stuck — I needed the financial support yet was worried what it was doing to my normally very solid self-esteem.

Office Life

Survey: Assistants save managers an average of 8+ hours a week

The research found that 100% of the supervisors surveyed think that "their assistant is important to their success," 64% agreed that administrative employees currently "have a more promising career-growth track than five years ago."

Levelling Up

8 signs you have reached the glass ceiling in your company

Once you agree that these scenarios have occurred it becomes apparent that they may have been identified as “not executive material” and that a strategy is needed to ascend the plateau.

Office Life

If your boss says this, it’s a sign they probably underestimate you

If your boss uses these statements, pay attention because there may be issues — real or perceived.


The boss we hate the most is the one who ignores us

Unfortunately for employees, bad bosses come in all kinds of flavors. There are the tyrannical bullies, the selfish, the sociopaths, the ones who can never admit being wrong. But out of all the toxic bosses, the ones who make us feel the worst are the ones who ignore us.

Levelling Up

Experts share 7 reasons you may have been passed up for a promotion

Job experts and experienced managers weigh in on how to raise your promotion stakes.


Feeling left out at work? Here’s what you can do

Overlooking a colleague is a common mistake to make but it can have a huge impact.

Office Life

6 signs your boss is taking advantage of you

Here, experts give the tell-tale signs your boss is taking advantage of you — and more importantly, what to do about it.

Office Life

Who’s the boss? Why strong leaders are ‘servants’

The best way to get your team to have your back is to win their hearts and minds. The road to that for leaders is to ‘Serve.’

Office Life

How to boost trust with your boss – whether you’re new or in the doghouse

You can use specific methods to make people trust you again at work, but what happens when you're at a new job or have fallen out of favor with your manager, specifically? Here's how to get into their good graces.

Office culture

Bad behavior is contagious: Beware of the company that you keep

Bad behavior is an infectious disease that you catch from other people — and it is mighty hard to resist.


How to ask for feedback that actually makes a difference

Here, experts shed insight on how to ask for feedback that will set you sailing toward whatever professional goal is next on your priority list.

How To

5 classic faux pas to avoid when asking for a promotion

Always do your research.


Most tech workers agree this one trait is least appealing in a boss

Chances are, there's something in particular about your manager that really gets under your skin at work. Here's what people think are the worst characteristics a boss can have.


Microsoft’s CEO on the power of being a ‘learn-it-all’

“The person who has less, but is a learn-it-all, will ultimately [become] better.”

Office Life

How to deal with a crying coworker or employee

How do you let a coworker who is crying at work know they aren’t being ignored without encroaching on their personal space? Here are a few tips to consider, depending on the situation.


The best leaders know how to use their voice

Until you truly understand the power of your voice and how to use it, you’re not ready to run the show.


Survey reveals people think Siri and Alexa are female tech leaders

When it came naming famous male tech leaders, the majority of respondents had no problems. But when it came to naming a woman, only 4% could actually produce a name. The problem: A quarter of them named virtual assistants “Siri” and “Alexa.”