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Firing people: What you do versus how you do it

Research and wisdom from leaders suggests firing people in humane and caring ways is best for an organization, the people doing it, and those sent packing.

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There’s a reason your narcissistic coworkers might be getting promotions instead of you

Narcissistic people often believe that they can accomplish anything. Here's how to implement the good parts of narcissism.

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Overcome the performance bias if you want to improve your team

Everyone loves high performers and categorizing people by performance has its benefits. However, the performance bias can create more harm than good.


3 things to do when someone breaks your trust at work

It's a classic situation: Everything's going well for you and your team at work until someone breaks your trust, jeopardizing everything you've worked for.


Survey: 22% of workers ages 18-34 say they’ve been demoted

New data shows that 22% of workers ages 18-34 have "been demoted" on the job and 55% of those demoted ended up quitting after.

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3 tips for writing an effective employee recommendation letter

Writing a recommendation letter for an employee can be loaded with challenges, but you can avoid them if you set yourself up the right way.


Suspect your new hire won’t make it? 4 mistakes to avoid

Leaders fall into some common “traps” when confronted with the new hire who is stumbling. Here are 4 of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


How to give a pep talk that actually works

To get us to actually believe in the encouragement we are hearing, vague compliments and stern motivations in a pep talk are not enough.


5 reasons why bold leaders are remarkably successful

There are two reasons people separate themselves from the crowd: They are either bold leaders or timid followers. The rest of the herd sticks together.

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You’re a perfectionist but your boss is not: 4 tips to deal with the paradox without losing your cool

If you’re a perfectionist it may be frustrating if coworkers aren’t as impeccable as you. It’s even more frustrating if your boss is not a perfectionist.


To be a good leader, start out as a follower, study finds

A new study published in the Journal of British Psychology found that good followers make good leaders in the eyes of their peers.


We work harder when our boss makes more than we thought

Employees who learned that their bosses’ salaries were higher than they expected work harder and even boosted their productivity by 10%.


Why summer is the best time to ask for a promotion

While some of us consider summer to be a time for vacation, it may be the best time to hustle and ask for a promotion, according to a new report.

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On why your disagreeable employee is a strong hire

Not every hire should be a skeptic about your mission, but it behooves you to hire some disagreeable employees to question your decisions.

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Want to lead? Here are 8 things you don’t get to do

If you want to influence our behaviors and lead us to achievement, here are 8 things you don’t get to do.


Rhythms and red flags: How two restauranteurs prevent friction and frustration for employees

They show why many small problems are essential to prevent early — especially those that are linked to other essential and interconnected tasks.

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How to become the go-to employee for your boss

Soon, you’ll be assets to one another — and there’s no better boss-employee relationship than one that’s mutually beneficial.


Why managers should treat non-parents and parents the same

To truly create an empathetic and supportive team, managers must find ways that support the entire team regardless of their parent status.

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10 fictional career mentors whose advice you need to take

Here’s our list of the top fictional mentors of all time and what lessons you should take away from them in your own career.

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4 ways leaders can foster a growth mindset within their team

As leaders, developing a culture of learning and innovation may be the key factor that allows your organization to outdistance the competition.


The body language of collaborative leaders

We are especially vulnerable in our desire to be included. This is why collaborative leaders need to be aware of their body language.

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How being a suck-up to the boss backfires on you

For all you suck-ups who kiss up to the boss in hopes of earning their favor, enjoy the benefits while they last, because it comes as a cost later.


Author Marc Effron on why it’s OK to embrace ‘faking it’ in the office

Did this headline make you think, whoa, whoa, whoa, since when is ‘faking it’ ever a good idea at work? Hold on, before you brush off this idea.

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The dos and don’ts of shadowing someone at work

Whether you're an intern shadowing an employee, or a full-time employee shadowing another, there are things you should strive for and avoid.


More companies lowering bar on degree and experience requirements

Job seekers have faced the frustrating conundrum of needing a job in order to get experience and experience to get the job. Well, not as much anymore.