Vaccine Requirements in Job Posts Leap 100%

Blue State Businesses Require Vaccines 32% More Often than Red State Businesses
  • Job postings requiring vaccination doubled between September and October.
  • After President Biden announced the government would implement vaccine mandates for large
      employers, blue states added more requirements than red states.

New York, New York (November 2, 2021) – According to The Ladders Vaccines in the Workplace Report, nearly 5% of all postings for high-paying jobs now mention vaccine mandates. That’s a 100% increase in just one month. The research included not only jobs posted on Ladders, but also in-depth analysis of millions of high paying jobs posted on other sites and individual company websites in the US and Canada between June 2019 and October 2021.

Red States Vs. Blue States Job Post Vaccine Requirements 

Ladders, Inc. data scientists also found businesses in blue states are more likely to note this request than businesses in red states. Red states had an 81% increase between September and October while blue states saw a 113% increase. 

Data courtesy: Ladders, Inc.

Expect More Vaccine Mandate Increases
Based on this data, Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella said workplace vaccine mandates will become the standard, not the exception, especially when you consider that it has been historically rare for companies to include this type of thing in job posts. Cenedella said, “It’s very rare for us to see something where there is 100% growth month over month in the behavior change of how companies handle corporate job postings. At this level alone, it’s unprecedented.” 

Cenedella does not think mandated-related walkouts and protests will reverse this trend. He explained, “Walkouts are principled decisions in response to things like vaccine mandates but you have to understand that the companies are making a decision about what’s best for their business. I think companies are taking into account that some percentage of their workforce will walk out.” Ladders data scientists predict vaccine mandates in job posts will increase dramatically over the next several months and by this time next year, stabilize. “It’s going to become so commonplace that it’s going to be assumed rather than requested,” said Cenedella.

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