Study: Remote work opportunities nearly tripled in the past year

Remote work growth beats expectations by leaping almost 150%

New York, New York (April 5, 2022) – The number of fully remote work opportunities available is skyrocketing faster than experts predicted. The Ladders’ Q1 2022 Quarterly Remote Work Report shows remote job availability nearly tripled in the past year. Twenty-four percent of all professional jobs posted are now available as fully remote. “An abrupt increase of 6% more new remote jobs availability in Q1 demonstrated this is no passing trend,” said Ladders founder Marc Cenedella. In 2021, Cenedella predicted 25% of jobs would be fully remote by the end of this year. “To be within a breath of that number at the end of the first quarter is a remarkable escalation in remote work opportunities,” he said.

Data courtesy: Ladders, Inc.

The Ladders’ Q1 Quarterly Remote Work Report
Researchers from Ladders, the career site for positions that pay $100,000 or more, analyzed professional job posting data from North America’s largest 50,000 employers, not just those with listings on Ladders. The data scientists found the numbers blew past even the most optimistic estimates.

Percentage of jobs available fully remotely rounded to nearest whole number
Q1 2020 3%
Q1 2021 10%
Q1 2022 24%

Cenedella said, “The data so far informs us that the impact has been seismic, and any hopes of a return to ‘normal’ office life – with its emphasis on an in-person collaboration – is becoming less relevant as new attitudes become entrenched.”

Fields and industries with the most remote work opportunities
The report shows the highest paying remote jobs are in fields emphasizing technical and organizational skills. More than 34% of job openings in brand marketing & management, account management, sales engineering, DevOps & site reliability, and quality assurance are available as fully remote. As for industries, enterprise technology, information technology, technical services, and hospitality & recreation have the highest percentage of remote work available.

The full study shows additional fields and industries as well as the companies with the most remote jobs and the job titles with the most remote positions available.

Remote work outlook
Companies forced into allowing remote work due to the pandemic, have learned from this unexpected experiment; It is possible to allow, and even encourage, remote work and still earn record profits. Ladders CEO Dave Fisch notes, “The data proves hiring managers must pay the sea change in attitudes about remote work. Companies wishing to keep top talent should be cognizant of the options increasingly available to employees.”

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