Research: Remote Work Now Accounts for Nearly 15% of All High Paying Jobs

Trend shows no signs of slowing as remote career opportunities continue to increase

Data Courtesy:  Ladders, Inc.,  New York, New York – Even as some employers rush to get employees back to the office, remote work opportunities for high paying jobs continue to increase. “The commute from your bedroom is here to stay,” said Ladders, Inc. CEO Marc Cenedella. “There are currently more than 30,000 high-paying remote jobs available in the US and Canada.”

Researchers from Ladders, Inc., the leader in 100K+ jobs, found that remote job opportunities represented nearly 15% of all high paying job listings in the third quarter. Remote job listings rose to 14.67% of all high-paying listings in Q3 2021, up from 12.80% in Q2 2021, and 3.69% prepandemic in Q4 2019.

Ladders, Inc. data scientists analyzed tens of thousands of high-paying job openings in the US and Canada. They dug into not only those 100K+ jobs listed on, but also high-paying jobs available across the largest 50,000 employers, which are responsible for the majority of all hiring. Cenedella says the research shows this is not a passing trend. “This is not a fad. The future of work is here now,” he said. “This is great news for employees seeking better work/life balance. You often hear people are happy to work in their pajamas but this is so much deeper than that. People who work remotely have more time to invest in family and personal wellness. You can’t put a price on that.”

What Industries Have the Most High Paying Remote Work Opportunities?

Industries that require specialized knowledge lead the transition to a work-from-anywhere culture. The finance & insurance, legal & accounting and aerospace sectors demonstrated the largest overall growth in remote job opportunities since the pandemic started. Sectors that have normally shied away from remote-work have also embraced some remote opportunities, though at a slower rate than others. These include education, government, nonprofit, manufacturing, and hospitals & medical centers.

Data Courtesy: Ladders, Inc.

Percentage increase in high-paying remote jobs from January of 2020 to September of 2021

Finance & Insurance 2,062%

Legal & Accounting 1,995%

Retail & Consumer Goods 1,651%

Aerospace 1,341%

Media 1,280%

Real Estate & Construction 1,150%

Information Technology 1,132%

Education, Government & Nonprofit 1,097%

Consumer Technology 1,028%

Hospitals & Medical Centers 1,028%

Telecommunications & Hardware 1,020%

Energy & Utilities 897%

Technical Services 878%

Healthcare 859%

Manufacturing 869%

Food & Beverage 719%

Enterprise Technology 701%

Hospitality & Recreation 644%

Transportation 634%

Business Services 550%

Staffing 475%

Pharmaceuticals 248%

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