Ladders, Inc. Expands Resume Reviewer and Unveils Trends in Resume Errors

Ladders, Inc., the largest membership-based job matching site for professionals, today shared new trends in resume errors, compiled from Ladders’ Resume Reviewer, an online tool that reviews resumes in less than a minute and empowers members to create and build the most effective resumes in the marketplace.

Ladders’ Resume Reviewer assessed more than 300,000 resumes since September, marking an industry milestone and providing Ladders with marketplace insight into trends and common errors in resume compilation, which ultimately impact opportunity for job placement.

Data from the review of thousands of resumes has enabled Ladders to identify three key trends where most people are getting it wrong, specifically relating to grammar, style, spelling errors, and missing information:

  • 68.7 percent of errors were found in missing accomplishments
  • 71.6 percent in miscommunication of skills
  • 80.4 percent of resumes had errors in former job experience descriptions.

“Our goal is to pair the most qualified professional with the highest caliber job opportunities, and a strong resume is the first step to bridge the connection,” said Ladders, Inc. Founder and CEO Marc Cenedella. “Ladders’ Resume Reviewer is the largest in the country, with more than 500,000 resumes reviewed in 2016 – giving our candidates the fastest access to the best tools to market their personal brand and skills, and move up in their career. Using an expert to review and improve your resume can cost thousands of dollars, which is out of the reach of most people. We wanted to offer this to everyone so we built a solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology and now everyone can get feedback and improve their resume for free. Our tool has a 91 percent satisfaction score with our members.”

Ladders’ Resume Reviewer was built on a foundation of research and years of knowledge and expertise in the job market industry, complementing the company’s existing Resume Builder tool, which assists professionals in crafting a more effective resume for their job search process.

“Ladders’ analysis of thousands of resumes provides candidates with proven guidance so they are aware of where they’re getting it right and wrong, allowing them to create the strongest resume possible ahead of the job application process,” added Cenedella. “Our Resume Reviewer tool is able to pinpoint small details and errors, such as poor grammar, spelling and stylistic errors that may otherwise go unnoticed. We are building data-driven insights for our clients and the industry so applicants can be confident in their resume and have the best opportunities in their job search.”

Maintaining a consistent product pipeline, Ladders also introduced a keyword highlighting tool earlier this year, which was something specifically requested by recruiters. Similar to other keyword tools, this addition to the platform allows recruiters to quickly identify the skills and traits they are looking for in candidates. Ladders is one of the few job platforms that allows human resource executives the ability to view a resume in its entirety.

Ladders plans to add more features to its resume tools throughout 2017 to further match candidate and recruiter needs. To learn more about Resume Reviewer, please visit:

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