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Vee Technologies is a global strategic services company that provides business process outsourcing services in healthcare, engineering,information technology,legal processing, logistics processing,finance & accounting, and media monitoring & analytics. It is dually headquartered in New York City, U.S., and Bangalore, Karnataka India. Vee Technologies was founded in 2000 by V. Chockalingam (Chocko Valliappa), a fourth-generation entrepreneur from the 100-year-old Sona Valliappa Group of Companies. Vee Technologies was launched in Sona Towers, Bangalore. It started in the healthcare service sector by providing medical billing and Medical Coding services. In 2001, Vee Technologies signed one of the top five medical insurance companies in the U.S. as its clients. In 2003, the logistics processing division was launched. In the healthcare sector, it added provider data management, adjudication, audits, and revenue cycle management (RCM) to its list of offerings. It also launched its information technology services by starting an internal software development lab to enhance its delivery capabilities. In 2004, its finance and accounting processing services was launched. This was followed by the launch of its engineering services division. It signed its first clients in the UK and Europe. It received the ISO9001:2000 certification for quality management systems. By 2004-2005, Vee Technologies was providing BPO and BPM services to the six of the top airlines in the U.S. In 2007, it achieved ISO9001:2000 certificate for quality management. In 2008, the legal processing services were launched. It also signed a deal with the Netherlands government to provide comprehensive BPM services for EU companies. In 2009, the legal processing services expanded to Australia. Vee Technologies also won a defense project in India. In 2010, it achieved the HIPAA certification for quality management. In 2011, it won an aerospace contract in Europe. It also achieved the prestigious AS9100C certification for world-class standards in the aerospace industry. It also achieved the ISO27001 certification for information security management. It also successfully completed the SAS70 Type II Audit. Vee Technologies is a pioneer in the healthcare outsourcing field, providing end-to-end revenue cycle management services that include medical billing and medical coding to leading hospitals and physician groups in the U.S. The company also provides outsourced services in engineering, information technology, logistics processing, legal processing, finance & accounting, and media monitoring & analysis.


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