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Tigerspike is a mobile technology company founded in 2003 by Luke Janssen, Oliver Palmer, and Dean Jezard. Tigerspike provides personal media technology consulting, UX/UI design, multi-platform development on smartphones, tablet computers, Amazon Kindle, smart TVs and strategic expertise along with success tracking metrics, strategy, user experience, UX design, analytics, mBaaS (mobile back end as a service) and in house multi-platform development. Tigerspike is best known for developing apps for The Economist, Haaretz and Royal Dutch Shell. Tigerspike has offices in Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, Australia, London, England, New York City, San Francisco, US, Singapore and Dubai. Luke Janssen serves as Tigerspikes CEO. Tigerspike was founded in 2003. In 2008, Tigerspike opened its Innovation Lab, which focuses on new technologies, including encryption and compression. The lab is headed by Oliver Palmer.
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