Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc.
Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc.

Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc.

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Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc. High Paying Jobs, Compensation Information and Expert Network Connections

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Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc. is an American company that markets and distributes over-the-counter healthcare and household cleaning products. It was formed by the merger of Medtech Products, Inc., Prestige Brands International, and the Spic and Span Company in 1996. The company is headquartered in Tarrytown, New York.

Among the brands owned by Prestige Brands are Chloraseptic sore throat products, Clear Eyes, Compound W wart treatment, Dramamine motion sickness treatment, Efferdent denture care, Luden's throat drops, BC Powder and Goody's Headache Powder, Pediacare & Little Remedies children's OTC products, Beano, Comet and Spic and Span household cleaning products.

The company's CEO and president is Ron Lombardi, who replaced Matthew Mannelly on June 1, 2015.

Highest paying job titles at Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc. include Brand Manager, Category Manager, and Finance Director


Market Cap$2.9 billion
Revenue$956.8 million
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+3.2%
Net Income$166.2 million
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Top Experts at Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc.

Prestige Consumer Healthcare Inc. Compensation

Brand Manager



Average Compensation:$165,625

Category Manager



Average Compensation:$125,000

Finance Director



Average Compensation:$225,000

Maintenance Manager



Average Compensation:$107,500

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