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Why work for us

NextNav is the developer of Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS), a wide area location and timing technology designed to provide services in areas where GPS or other satellite location signals cannot be reliably received. MBS consumes significantly less power than GPS, and includes high-precision altitude. In the United States, NextNav operates its MBS network over its spectrum licenses in the 920-928 MHz band. NextNav was founded in 2008 by Ganesh Pattabiraman (Co-Founder, President and CEO), Subramanian Meiyappan (Co-Founder and VP Hardware Engineering) and Dr. Arun Raghupathy (Co-Founder and VP Systems Engineering) in Sunnyvale, CA. The founding team consists of technologists with a background in solving complex technological problems. Ganesh Pattabiraman, Co-Founder, Director and President/CEO of the Company, formerly worked at Qualcomm, where he managed location systems ranged from satellite-based systems with global scale to highly localized Bluetooth-based systems. Dr. Arun Raghupathy, Co-founder and VP of Systems Engineering, was originally at Qualcomm and most recently at Texas Instruments, where he managed TI’s GPS Chip development. Subbu Meiyappan, Co-founder and VP of Hardware Engineering, formerly worked with Airgo Networks which was acquired by Qualcomm.