Careers at Luminoso

Why work for us

Luminoso, a Cambridge, MA-based text analysis and artificial intelligence company, spun out of the MIT Media Lab and its crowd-sourced Open Mind Common Sense (OMCS) project. The company has raised $8 million in financing and its clients include Sony, Autodesk, Intel, NASA, REI and Scotts. Luminoso was co-founded in 2010 by Dennis Clark, Jason Alonso, Rob Speer, and CEO Catherine Havasi, a research scientist at MIT in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. The company builds on the knowledge base of MIT’s OMCS project, co-founded in 1999 by Havasi, who continues to serve as its director. OMCS is a crowd-sourced knowledge base with more than seventeen million facts from over 15,000 contributors. The company also commercializes the work of MIT Media Lab’s ConceptNet. ConceptNet is a semantic network based on the information in the OMCS database and is part of the “common sense reasoning” branch of artificial intelligence.