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Janus Capital Group, Inc. was an American publicly owned investment firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company's asset-management disciplines included growth, core, international, value, mathematical, alternative and fixed-income. These products were sold through advisors and financial intermediaries, to institutional investors and directly to retail investors. Janus Capital Group was created as a result of the January 1, 2003, merger of Janus Capital Corporation into its parent company, Stilwell Financial Inc. Janus Capital Group consists of Janus Capital Management LLC, Intech Investment Management LLC, and Kapstream Capital Pty Limited, in addition to a range of exchange?traded products. Additionally, Janus Capital Group owns 80% of Perkins Investment Management.

Outside the U.S., Janus had offices in Sydney, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Dubai, Taipei, London, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Singapore. Janus is in the S&P MidCap 400 Index.

It merged with Henderson Group in May 2017 to create Janus Henderson.

Janus was founded in 1969 by Thomas H. Bailey. A controlling interest was purchased by Kansas City Southern Industries in 1984. Bailey stepped down as president and CEO in June 2002.

The firm was formerly known as Stilwell Financial Incorporated. The company was renamed following the January 2003 merger of Janus Capital Corporation into its parent company, Stilwell Financial.

Highest paying job titles at Janus Capital Group, Inc include Business Analyst, Counsel, and HR Business Partner


Market Cap$7.1 billion
Revenue$2.2 billion
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+14.8%
Net Income$161.6 million
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Janus Capital Group, Inc Compensation

Business Analyst



Average Compensation:$112,222




Average Compensation:$162,500

HR Business Partner



Average Compensation:$113,750

Senior Programmer Analyst



Average Compensation:$126,500

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