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Dudek Paragliders is a Polish aircraft manufacturer based near Bydgoszcz and founded by Piotr Dudek, Wojtek Domanski, and Darek Filipowicz on August 22, 1995. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of paragliders, rescue parachutes and paragliding harnesses., In 2016 the two managing partners of the company were Wojtek Domanski and Piotr Dudek., Domanski has been the leader of Polish Paramotor Team at the World and European Championships since 2005 and was the sport director of the World Paramotor Championships that were held at ?om?a in 2008. He was also the Polish delegate to CIMA microlight committee and in 2010 was elected president of the paramotor subcommittee at CIMA. He is the founder of the European Paramotor League project, which later became the World League Cup., Piotr Dudek has been paragliding since 1987 and is an instructor and competition pilot, flying in the 1995 World Championships held in Verbier, on a paraglider he designed and constructed., The company has produced a wide range of paragliders, including the beginner Dudek Rex, the intermediate Vox, Max and Shark, the competition Lux and Action and the two-pace Twix., Summary of aircraft built by Dudek Paragliders:


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