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lightbulbWhat are the highest paying jobs at IHS Markit?

IHS Markit Ltd is an American-British information provider based in London formed in 2016 with the merger of IHS Inc. and Markit Ltd.

Some parts of this company are pre-1800.

Highest paying job titles at IHS Markit include Software Engineer, Energy Engineer, and Product Management Director


Market Cap$38.7 billion
Revenue$4.2 billion
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+31%
Net Income$870.7 million
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Top Experts at IHS Markit

IHS Markit Compensation

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$117,692

Energy Engineer



Average Compensation:$112,500

Product Management Director



Average Compensation:$183,333

Business Development Manager



Average Compensation:$98,750

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