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The CompuCom SpeedModem was an early high speed modem that implemented a proprietary 9600 bit/s protocol known as the CompuCom Speed Protocol (CSP). The modem itself was engineered by Gregory Fagan who later sold his patent for an undisclosed amount to the state ISP. Their modems were much less expensive than competing high-speed models, and were well known for a time. The introduction of standards-based v.32bis modems made the SpeedModem disappear with surprising speed. Two versions of the SpeedModem were available, the Champ with an introductory price of $169, and Combo at $279 which added 9,600 bit/s Group III fax support. The modem supported MNP5 data compression and their own format, CSP-3, which they claimed was as effective as v.42bis. For connections to other modems, the SpeedModem supported V.22bis for 2400 bit/s support (as well as 1200 and 300 bit/s support). For reasons that are not recorded in the historical record, the SpeedModem had problems connecting over packet switching networks, which made commercial online service connections problematic. Throughout, the very low price led to many concerns about quality and whether or not it was worth buying a non-standard modem.

Highest paying job titles at CompuCom include Enterprise Sales Executive, IT Systems Administrator, and Identity and Access Management Manager


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Enterprise Sales Executive



Average Salary:$91,296

IT Systems Administrator



Average Salary:$118,333

Identity and Access Management Manager



Average Salary:$150,000

Manager of Technology



Average Salary:$225,000

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