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Canada Goose Inc.

Canada Goose Inc.

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Canada Goose Inc. is a Canadian luxury outerwear brand. It was founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd. The company originally specialized in woolen vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits, but eventually shifted its focus to high-end parkas. Canada Goose is known for its use of coyote fur trim and down insulation, which has been the subject of controversy among animal rights activists. The company has expanded rapidly in recent years, with flagship stores in major cities around the world.

What are the highest paying jobs at Canada Goose Inc.?

Highest paying job titles at Canada Goose Inc. include Vice President, Operations, Merchandising Director, and Vice President, Marketing


Market Cap$2.5 billion
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+22.2%
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Canada Goose Inc. Compensation

Vice President, Operations



Average Compensation:$278,490

Merchandising Director



Average Compensation:$271,039

Vice President, Marketing



Average Compensation:$243,935

Vice President, Real Estate



Average Compensation:$248,416

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