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The top 10 most environmentally friendly companies in the U.S


The world is rapidly running out of resources, global emissions are reaching record levels and the last 4 years were the hottest on record. Businesses are a big contributor to our environmental problems but many American companies are now taking responsibility and becoming more and more sustainable. Here are the top 10 most environmentally companies in the U.S. right now.

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1. Aptive Environmental

Ranking in first place is Aptive Environmental – a leader in the pest control industry. This company ranks number one on our list because it has a seriously impressive environmental friendliness score of 4.80 on our site! This was well-earned by Aptive Environmental as providing customers with progressive pest control solutions that reduce potential health risks to humans and the environment, is at the core of what they do. Aptive’s firm commitment to the environment separates them from the competition. What’s more, employees love working here, as it’s “work that doesn’t feel like work” at a “great company, that really cares about their employees” and is perfect for anyone “self-motivated who is looking for personal growth


2. Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc.

This New York-based security monitoring company offers electronic monitoring services with centers located in Corona, CA (Rapid Response West) and at its headquarters facility in Syracuse, NY (Rapid Response East). Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc. ranks second in this list as it has an environmental friendliness score of 4.63 on our site. Employees have a lot of great things to say about working here including, that it’s an excellent employer with a great office and atmosphere and amazing opportunities. It also ranked in our top 10 most supportive companies to work for.

3. Turner Construction Company

This international construction services company, which operates all over the US, ranks number 3 in our list with an environmental friendliness score of 4.58! The company has committed to becoming a green builder which means that the Turner Construction Company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption of their on-site construction operations by 50 percent by 2030. Former employees say “the atmosphere was always fun and relaxed but also challenging enough to make you strive for perfection,” “everyone on site was friendly and helpful” and“the people make the company.” If you work in construction, this company could be a great fit for you!

4. Washington University School of Medicine

Washington University School of Medicine is among the top medical schools in the United States and has an environmentally friendly score of 4.53 on our site. It’s also made a commitment to the environment by incorporating sustainability as part of the community culture through their daily activities, programming, employee empowerment, and community outreach. They are implementing green building and landscaping projects, putting together a Sustainable Action Team and holding a weekly Farmers’ Market. Employees also have a lot to say about working here, including that they have “a great work environment and flexible hours,” “hands-on training, great pay and benefits” along with a “very supportive team and good management.”

5. Gundersen Lutheran Health System

Gundersen Health System is a non-profit health network operating in 19 counties across three Midwest states. Gundersen which is headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where it is, in fact, its county’s largest employer began making steps towards carbon neutrality in 2008. By October 2014, it became the first U.S. health system to attain energy independence by producing more energy than it consumed, at least some of the time. Employees praise the company for its “uplifting and encouraging” work environment, the fact that they “encourage and listen to feedback” and “supports employees ideas for growth, whilst encouraging the protection of the environment.” Sounds like a dream employer, right?!


6. Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is not just a cool place to visit in Florida, it’s also making waves in terms of its commitment to protecting the environment and because of this it has an impressive score of 4.53 on our site. The resort is working hard to mimimise its environmental footprint by committing to conservation, education, and recycling.

On-site they offer guests a ChargePoint electric vehicle charger to power their cars, all four hotels are certified members of the Florida Green Lodging Program, and all of the resort’s vehicles are powered by biodiesel, a cleaner-burning alternative to gas. So, if you’re looking for a fun and green place to work, Universal Orlando Resort, could be the place for you, especially if the reviews left my former employees are anything to go by.

According to their reviews on our site, “the company goes out of their way to ensure team member satisfaction, and they make daily changes,” “all employees are respected and treated fairly” and “the perks are great and the management is awesome.”  So you might want to go for more than just a holiday!

7. Kent State University

Kent State University is a public research university based in, you guessed it, Kent Ohio, with a further seven regional campuses in Northeast Ohio and additional facilities both across the region and internationally. Former employees have given this universal an environmental friendliness score of 4.49 on our site, and it’s easy to see why.

Kent State University  takes sustainability very seriously and has a number of enviable initiatives in place, including their pledge to only use Green Seal certified cleaning products, their introduction of single-stream recycling (which means everything can go into the same trash can), and the fact that they compete in the Recyclemania competition, year in year out.


Former employees say that its an “open, engaging and home-like place”, where they’ve had a great experience” thanks to the company’s “commitment to diversity and inclusion.” What do you think? Could this be your next employer?

8. REI

REI or Recreational Equipment, Inc. is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation that sells sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment, and clothing along with outdoor-oriented vacations and courses in 154 retail stores in 36 states. What makes this company different from others like it, though, is that it is built as a consumers’ cooperative.

It has an environmental friendliness score of 4.45 for its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment with their Product Sustainability Standards which not only elevate practices within supply chains but also make it easier for members more sustainable products to choose from. What’s more, “work is pretty easy and straight-forward”, “coworkers are super nice with similar interests” and the “work culture of inclusion is very strong,” which we would agree makes REI “a great company to work for.”

9. Defenders

This Indianapolis-based home security provider is a leader in the industry, protecting the homes of more than 2 million American families! Defenders are also committed to reducing its environmental impact and have also been awarded an environmental friendliness score of 4.45.

Former employees are very complimentary about their experience of working here, saying that it’s “overall the best job I have ever had” and that it’s a “great company” that “makes employees successful personally and professionally!” So if you’re passionate about home security and the environment, this could the perfect employer for you.

10. Facebook

Last but not least on our list is Facebook. The social media giant is also heavily committed to looking after the environment by reducing their greenhouse gas footprint by 75% and reaching 100% renewable energy in 2020. And, in response to America pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Mark Zuckerberg had this to say:


“For our part, we’ve committed that every new data center we build will be supported by 100 percent renewable energy. Stopping climate change is something we can only do as a global community, and we have to act together before it’s too late.”

And employees really rate working here, saying things like “my boss is very understanding, and I work with an excellent team,” and that there is a “good work environment, understanding managers, and very good benefits” which result in “many positive experiences in the company.” It’s time to stop scrolling through your newsfeed and get that application in!

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