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Words at Work

18 words and phrases smart people never include on their resumes

While it can be tempting to load a bunch of jargon and glowing language on your resume, there are certain terms and phrases that you should avoid.

Science of Work

Study: These kind of job descriptions are more likely to turn away women candidates

How you frame a role's requirements can alienate and deter qualified candidates from applying. Is your job description turning away female candidates before they even apply?


Simon Sinek explains why you should be the last to speak in a meeting

Be a better listener by being the last one to speak your opinion in a meeting. When you wait to hear what your team is going to say, you're giving your team a chance to grow into leaders who can feel comfortable sharing their opinions with each other.

Office Life

Five rude emails you send without realizing it

Avoid these top 5 worst emails sins.

Words at Work

Don’t mess up these words on your resume

These are words people commonly mess up at work. Don't let it happen to you, if you want to be considered a consummate professional.

Science of Work

This is the best trick to remember someone’s name

Next time you need to remember someone's name before an event, try speaking the name out loud. It's one of the best learning and memory tricks there is.

Words at Work

Science: This is why you should say your controversial opinions out loud, not email them

Before you post your controversial hot take in your office chat, choose your setting wisely and consider the medium. You might want to talk it out.

Science of Work

Drink up! Alcohol can actually improve your ability to speak a foreign language

It's well documented that drinking alcohol can loosen your tongue and inhibitions. Now a study says it may actually help you to speak a foreign language.


5 things you need to delete from your life right this second

These five things are filling up space in your life that you don't need, and are taking up unnecessary space. Learn how to let them go. Delete them.


Use these 3 tips to talk like a boss

Here are tips on how to talk like the boss you need to be, so that you can project the confidence in your abilities that you need to succeed.

Office Life

I stopped saying ‘sorry’ at work — and here’s what happened

Take a random day and count how many times you say 'sorry,' particularly in the workplace. Then, consider whether it was warranted. You'll be shocked.


Point taken: 8 ways to communicate like a human infographic

While human beings can’t be infographics, but cutting down on conversational clutter can make people more inclined to listen to what you say.

Office Life

Here’s how to communicate better in 3 common work situations

Knowing how to communicate correctly in each setting can spare you a world of frustration and keep you and your messages to your colleagues crystal clear.

Office Life

4 expressions to avoid that make you sound clueless at work

In order to make sure you sound like you know what you’re talking about, cut these common words and expressions from your vocabulary.

Words at Work

These are the 9 most annoying phrases people use at work, according to a new survey

Think outside the box and ditch these annoying, cliched work phrases. Until then, we'll table this conversation. Circle back and let us know how it goes.

Office Life

Here’s how to stay on the right side of office chat etiquette

While every person and workplace is different, here's what to keep in mind when using your office chat so you don't offend or annoy your coworkers.

Office Life

Study: The average worker’s inbox contains 199 unread emails

So much for inbox zero: The average US employees has 199 unread or unopened emails taking up space in their inboxes at any given time.

Words at Work

10 passive-aggressive work phrases and what they really mean

When it comes to corporate-speak, everything isn't always as it appears.


Badmouthing people is the biggest networking mistake

Talking smack, gossiping, and running people down behind their backs? No thanks.

Body Language

The way you blink may be freaking people out

A blink is a tiny 'nope' to whatever you just heard. 

Words at Work

1 in 5 Americans don’t want to look their boss in the eye when they quit

76% of millennials are checking email from bed. Come on, people.

words at work

Strangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds

You're being judged rapidly, frequently, and accurately.

how to

3 tips to become well-spoken

Make others feel well-heard.

Words at Work

6 phrases that will make you sound clueless at work

Some of the most common expressions carry subtle undertones of resentment when you use them around the office.

Words at Work

Stop priding yourself on being brutally honest

There's no need to be mean. Ever.