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Equal Pay

Here’s how much more money American men earn than women at every age

"There is nonetheless a striking separation between the median wages for men and women during young and middle adulthood."

Gender at Work

No more ‘leaning in’ – the neoliberal myth of the superhero businesswoman holds us all back

To build a future in which a businesswoman can have the freedom to achieve full potential, we need a better understanding of why they are lagging behind.


Survey: 17% of companies report increase in behavior complaints since #MeToo

New data shows that "complaints about inappropriate behavior" have gone up in 16.67%  of companies since #MeToo and #TimesUp.


Time’s Up explains what workplace harassment is in new PSA

A new workplace harassment video wants to help employees understand how they can respectfully engage with one another in an office and outside of it.


Female doctors are seeing an average pay gap of over $100,000

Out of 50 metropolitan areas of the country this is where female doctors see the biggest pay gap.


More than 180 female senior ad executives put industry on notice

More than 180 senior female advertising executives in North America announced the launch of Time's Up Advertising, an anti-harassment campaign and legal aid fundraiser.


This guy just quit in solidarity with female coworker over ‘boys’ club’ at FEMA

In an act of solidarity for his coworker, FEMA's male press secretary Paul McKellips said that he was quitting because of the “boys club” that was excluding the former head of external affairs, Susan Phalen, from meetings.


17% of companies have no plans to review equal pay policies despite #TimesUp

The #TimesUp movement is in full force, and even though the initiative has made waves across industries and ideologies, new research makes it clear that every employer isn't taking the intended message to heart.