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What a recruiter actually cares about seeing on you resume

In my eight years as a recruiter at an investment bank, I reviewed thousands of resumes. I’ve seen and learned a lot, from the importance of proofreading to the art of formatting. It’s enough to know that there isn’t one acceptable format or approach to creating an awesome resume.

Social Media

Why social media could be your secret weapon to scoring that next job

It’s not common to think that social media and job searching go perfectly hand in hand. In fact, many people keep their accounts private “just in case.” While we agree that you shouldn’t be posting your fourth time doing a shot-ski to Instagram for the world to see, if you’re smart about how you use social media, it could help you score your next job.

“Cool” job! Different words attract job candidates in different cities

If you're an employer seeking top candidates, think carefully about describing a job you need to fill as "cool."

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Salary negotiation tips from Uber executive Bozoma Saint John

To get the best possible outcome for your paycheck, you need to arm yourself with knowledge about best practices. As part of your battle preparation, consider the advice of Uber Chief Branding Officer Bozoma Saint John.


These 15 attitude changes will make you more likable

These 15 steps will make you more successful.


STUDY: Men puff up their successes on LinkedIn, while women undersell themselves

Surprise, surprise.


Man fired by text message from his new job for getting stranded in Hurricane Harvey

He's stuck in Houston without a job.


New analysis: Americans are the smiliest people on LinkedIn

Nothing beats a broad, friendly smile in the professional worlds of America.

Artificial Intelligence

New app scans your face and tells companies whether you’re worth hiring

Companies are letting the robots take over the first interview.


Want to never get fired? Move to these countries with super-long job interviews

The longer it takes to get hired, the more likely it is you could get to stick around for a while.

The Job Search

This is why companies like Apple hide their coolest jobs from you, and what to do about it

Companies want better candidates. Here's how to be one.

The Job Search

How to feel less insecure while applying for new jobs

Keep your confidence up.


5 important ways to talk about disability during a job search

A little preparation can transform a tough process.

Future of Work

2 million job candidates are desperate to work for Google. Why?

How one company became among the most desired.

technology at work

5 smart ways to protect your job from the coming robot invasion

Don't sit by silently.

The Job Search

This is the best way to talk about being fired in a job interview

You can make it better.


8 fascinating facts about job interviews in China

Pro tip: Avoid Ghost Month

The Commute

5 ways you can make a new city feel like home

You land your dream job, but there's one big catch— it's all the way across the country.

The Job Search

7 words smart job candidates avoid in cover letters

Ace the cover letter now.

The Economy

The American healthcare industry is growing fast, June jobs report shows

Healthcare is growing fast— but that doesn't mean it will pay well.

The Job Search

Why savvy people reject some job offers to be more successful

Only choose jobs that move you forward.

Technology at Work

3 excruciating email blunders we never recover from

Never use email if you can avoid it.

The Job Search

5 secret signals that your interviewer likes you

You can guess how well you did.

Office Life

4 easy ways to leave a job on good terms

Go out with grace.

The Job Search

This is why hiring managers aren’t getting back to you — and what you can do about it

Yes, it is the actual worst.