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Olympic champ Chloe Kim on the secret to facing challenges head on

This is how she conquered the halfpipe.


Study reveals the reason people quit while they are ahead

Now that the Olympics have ended, many gold medalists from the 2018 Winter Games may be taking a long, sometimes permanent, break from the sports they spent years working to be the best at.


What this Olympic-medal-winning figure skating pair can teach us about passion and drive

U.S. Olympic skating pair Maia and Alex Shibutani — also known as the "ShibSibs," — talk about the advice they would offer to their younger selves.


Olympians with side hustles

If you’ve been breathlessly watching the dispatches from the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, you’ve noticed a lot of athletes on top of their winter sports game.


Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim shows us why enjoying the moment can make you more successful

Olympic athletes spend years of practice preparing for their one big moment. Under this pressure, you may think that the best way forward is to be serious to stay focused. Studies have shown otherwise, and for Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim broadcasting her food cravings to 189,000 followers helps ease her nerves.


Thought you were having a bad day at work? At least you didn’t make this Olympic-sized mistake

Chicago TV station WLS-Channel 7 had a very bad Saturday morning:


Get inspired by Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon’s Olympic comeback

Four years ago, figure skaters Mirai Nagasu and Adam Rippon were eating In-N-Out cheeseburgers in shared misery after being left off the U.S. Olympics team roster. Here's how they maintained the focus necessary to keep going after a long setback.