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5 ways to pick the right mentor for your career

The right mentor can shape the course of your career — here's what to look for in one.


4 steps to getting anything you want in life

When you develop rare and valuable skills, and have invested big in the right relationships — you’ll be able to make big asks.


This female tech CEO says women need more male mentors

Brit + Co CEO Brit Morin wants to remind you that you should not shy away from men when it comes to choosing a mentor.

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This media titan says being nice at work can be one of your greatest advantages

Nice girls don't always have to finish last.


10 fictional career mentors whose advice you need to take

If you’ve always wanted your own mentor to help you take on the workforce there are countless books that can bring you timeless career advice.


10 ways to reward your staff without giving a raise

If you have an employee who is doing a sterling job and you’d like to thank them in some way, but are lacking the resources to offer a pay-rise, then worry not as there are many other ways you can reward them.

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4 hidden ways to take risks — and propel your career forward

Sometimes opportunities to take risks are hiding in plain sight, so it helps to become adept at spotting them.


Failure, empty advice and mentorship: We’re looking at it all wrong

No one gets it right the first time. But when the approach doesn’t work, it’s too harsh to call the outcome a “failure.” It was an honest attempt, and with each try, you move closer to the winning formula.


7 ways women can find role models in honor of International Women’s Day

Women need role models who have already “been there and done that,” because you can’t be what you can’t see. Great female role models are out there, you just have to find them.


The benefits of mentorship and what it can mean for you

Three reasons being a mentor can help the mentor's career


Since #MeToo, number of men uncomfortable being alone with a woman at work has doubled

Since #MeToo and sexual harassment became a national conversation this fall, the survey found that male managers are more likely to treat their female subordinates at arms' length. The survey found the male managers are three times more likely now to say they are uncomfortable mentoring women.


These are the 4 steps to a healthy mentor-mentee relationship

Mentor-mentee relationships can deteriorate quickly if care isn't taken. Here's what you need to do to avoid this important partnership from souring.


How to make your life better by sending five simple emails

How to make your life better in five simple emails.