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4 solo trips every professional should take

While vacation with your significant other, your best friends or your family is usually the go-to route, there are many benefits of heading out … all by your bad self.

Age Discrimination

Intel accused of age discrimination after layoffs

At Intel, your age may be the reason why you got the pink slip. According to a Wall Street Journal report citing documents it obtained from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the chip maker is being investigated for age discrimination claims by its former employees.


How to deal with your significant other losing their job

When my husband lost his supposedly stable job (just a casual two months before our wedding), we went through one of the roughest patches of our relationship — most of it being my fault.


How to talk to children about losing your job

Getting fired or laid off can feel awful — which is why talking about it with your children can be an extremely sensitive situation. Here's how to do it.


What to do when layoffs hit your office, but not you

When layoffs hit your company and you survive, it's perfectly normal to feel sad and overwhelmed. Many often are hit with survivor's guilt. Here's how to carry on.


5 ways to cope if you’re laid off during the holidays

Layoffs at such a pleasant time during the holiday season often feel like the worst-case scenario. Here's how to cope if you get the axe.


4 ways to interact with someone who just got laid off unexpectedly

When someone you're close with falls out of favor at work and suddenly ends up getting laid off, you want to do everything in your power to ease their pain.


18 best pieces of advice about life after layoffs, from people who have lost their jobs

"Know that work doesn't define you."

Levelling Up

James Comey shows what happens when we lose our jobs and our identities

Our jobs are very often our identities, and when we lose them, we change.


I’m quietly judging you for using jargon at work

Corporate euphemisms serve a purpose, but for job-seekers they can be dangerous.

Office Culture

The art of the layoff: three ways to make staff cuts less painful

In hard conversations like layoffs, how you break the news matters.

Office Life

U.S. Attorney exits job to cheering crowds, living the dream of every fired employee

When a fired employee decides to leave like a legend.